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How can I share my strawberry plants?

May 13th, 2008

Hi Master Gardener, Let me start off by saying how much I love the plants I received from Garden Harvest Supply and how impressed I was with the quality and care with which they were sent. But my question is about my strawberry plants, which arrived yesterday. 1 Ovation and 1 Earlyglow. Turns out 50 […]

What happened to the original Wall O’ Water?

May 1st, 2008

Updated Information: December 15, 2011. We are thrilled to announce the¬†Wall O’ Water company has been purchased and is again making quality products! Garden Harvest Supply is now offering the Wall O’ Water season extender. If you have been doing gardening for very long and are the type of person who wanted the earliest tomato […]

Can I plant asparagus now?

April 24th, 2008

Hello, I am an amateur gardener. I would like to try growing asparagus. I live in San Jose CA where it gets very warm. Can I plant asparagus now? Can it grow in partial sun/shade? What variety would be best. Thanks! Answer: Hello, Sunny California! I’m posting a response that should apply to your entire […]

Will our tomato plant self-pollinate?

April 24th, 2008

Hello, My husband Tom planted about 10 Big Boy tomatoes, one per pot, and they are doing great. We have several yellow blossoms already but we dont know if we need to put them outside or what. They are inside our screened porch. It has no roof and the sun comes thru. We were wondering […]

My first but certainly not my last order with you!

April 23rd, 2008

Good news! Yesterday I received my new shipment of the correct vegetable plants and they are beautiful! Your growers and packagers are very skilled. I found your web site on Dave's Garden Watchdog and I'm going to give Garden Harvest Supply a positive rating because you responded quickly and very professionally when I received the […]

Simple Tomato-growing Trick

April 17th, 2008

Mixing technology with scientific research and some good old fashioned gardening experience, our Better Reds plastic mulch was designed to serve many purposes. It was developed to increase tomato yields and improve overall garden conditions. By allowing water, air and nutrients through while holding in heat, this mulch prevents weeds from proliferating and stealing the […]

Order corrected in a timely manner.

April 10th, 2008

I received the ‘Pride of Mobile’ Abutilon Plant that was left out of my original order. It arrived yesterday in very good shape. I am so pleased that you corrected it in such a timely manner, that I left you a very positive review on ‘Dave’s Garden’ in the ‘Garden Watchdog’ section. Thank you very […]

Thanks again for the great gourment popcorn

April 10th, 2008

Hi, I just wanted to drop a note about my shipment of gourment popcorn. I received the order yesterday and have already popped two different batches (i am a popcorn nut). I purchased 3 one-pound bags, blue, purple and rainbow. The first one I popped was the purple and it was fantastic! The second one […]

What can we grow in a raised bed garden?

April 7th, 2008

Dear GHS: We want to start a small garden this year and use organic seeds. We are going to use a raised bed 4ft x 8ft and use garden soil to put in it. We will be using landscape timber untreated, of course. My question to you is will the seeds grow in something like […]

Why Garden Harvest Supply?

April 6th, 2008

GHS asks our current and prospective customers: What makes Garden Harvest Supply a great company to do business with? If you don't already know, here are some answers. We are a family-owned and operated business. We value each and every one of our clients and offer personal and conscientious service with the largest online selection […]