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Why are the flowers falling off my tomato plants

October 19th, 2008

My tomato plant grew to over 5 feet high, and produced many flowers, not one single flower turned into ANY type of tomato. I was extremely disappointed as this is the one vegetable I love to eat fresh. They did not lack water as I made sure they were always maintained. I also gave them […]

How to Harvest Brussels Sprouts

October 18th, 2008

It’s a great reward to feast on your own homegrown produce long after summer has ended. What better way to enjoy a chilly fall evening than a dinner that includes your garden's goods? Brussels Sprouts are packed with antioxidants (the cancer-fighting components in foods) and…………..

The Scoop On Kitty Litter Odor Control

October 18th, 2008

When it comes to keeping a cat-friendly household, there are a few tricks to make odor disappear. We have the pick of the litter on odor control to make your house feel less like a cattery and more like a home. It can be embarrassing to have people visit if there are cat odors in […]

How Can I Save My Tomato Plants

October 17th, 2008

I have been growing a couple of tomato plants. Now that it is getting cold outside, and my tomatoes are still blooming. What can I do? I was told to pull them out of the ground or pot and hang them up side down. To save them…Is that what I’m supposed to do?

How To Harvest Zucchini

October 14th, 2008

Summer Squash is one underrated vegetable. It only takes a couple of plants to supply a family with enough ripe squashes to last through summer, with plenty leftover at season end to freeze or save for fall and winter meals. Its mild flavor and soft texture make it an incredibly versatile food. Unlike winter squashes […]

How to pick green beans

October 9th, 2008

This short video will show how easy it is to pick green beans.

Deer Repellent

October 9th, 2008

Deer are among the largest of the common garden pests.  They’re also carriers of deer ticks, and deer ticks carry Lyme disease. So, preventing deer from invading your space not only saves your precious landscape and garden plants, but it could be good for your health, too! There are several ways to keep deer away.You […]

Watch how easy it is to pick sweet corn

October 6th, 2008

This short video will show how easy it is to pick sweet corn.

Mums the word

October 2nd, 2008

Chrysanthemums steal the show this time of year, when their abundant blooms make gardens as colorful in fall as they are in spring and summer. They're a traditional symbol of fall and one of autumn's most indelible images, along with carved pumpkins and falling leaves. Two of the most popular varieties are Belgian hardy mums […]

Can I Transplant My Lantana Bush

September 21st, 2008

I was wondering if you could take a root from a Lantana bush and transplant it somewhere else. My daughter wanted a start from mine and I was not sure how to do it. Also can you transplant in the fall if at all possible or should we wait until spring to transplant. I hope […]