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Garden Harvest Supply Review

August 27th, 2012

After receiving someone else’s order, Garden Harvest Supply was quick to send me my correct order and even told me to keep the plants I had received in error. My correct order came and the plants looked relatively healthy considering their journey.  They are in the ground and seem to be thriving after a slow […]

GHS Guide to Growing Fall Cover Crops in Your Home Garden

August 24th, 2012

In this newsletter we'll explain why growing cover crops is one of the best things you can do for your soil, and we'll help you choose the best cover crop for you. After that you just have to follow the directions that come with……

Growing Begonias Not As Hard As You Think!

August 22nd, 2012

If you have grown lackluster begonias and want to know why they haven't dazzled with beautiful blooms, this article is for you. A tropical plant, begonias are one of the most versatile and…

Why Are My Pole Beans Not Setting Blossoms?

August 20th, 2012

I have planted Blue Lake Pole Beans. The site gets a lot of sun and I water on the base every day. I have beautiful plants but no blossums. Another type of pole bean, Burpee I think, has produced blossoms in the same vacinity. It has been almost two months and the plants themselves are […]

Very Pleased With The Plants I Ordered Online!

August 16th, 2012

I received my MiniFamous Double Amethyst Calibrachoa Plants today and had to tell you. For years I have ordered plants online, a lot of plants, and most of them arrived dead or nearly so. I have never been more pleased with plants from online as I am with the ones I ordered from you! They […]

What Vegetables To Plant In The Fall

August 15th, 2012

By taking advantage of our charts and other online resources, it’s easy to plan a fall vegetable garden with as much precision as the pros. We break down the different vegetables as hardy, semi-hardy, or tender, and state the growing time and ideal soil pH for each one.

Pleased With Your Products!

August 13th, 2012

I very rarely write back to a company I just purchased from, even if I’m dissapointed. I just had to drop a line to say how extremely pleased I am with your products. The two knockout roses are thriving. I have a bloom on one of them already. A sweet pale yellow flower! How exciting! […]

GroundHog Radish – A Smart Choice Cover Crop

August 10th, 2012

As all farmers and ranchers know, when it comes to crop and land management, the smartest, and often the most successful, are the men and women who have done their homework and utilize their land in a way that will continue to build the soil while being able to make a profit on their cash […]

The Way You Ship Your Plants Is The Best!

August 9th, 2012

I order plants from all over the country for our garden here in Florida and I just wanted to let you know that the way you ship your plants is the best I’ve seen. I always know when I order from you the plants will come to me healthy and undamaged. This one fact brings […]

Drought and Deer Control

August 8th, 2012

This year, 2012, has seen one of the worst droughts in history, according to the National Climatic Data Center. The 10th largest drought and the widest spread since the 1950s, this year's drought has affected 80% of the lower 48 states, with no end in sight. Farmers, ranchers and homeowners are feeling the heat in […]