Thanksgiving Message from Garden Harvest Supply

Thankfulness is surely one of the keys to happiness, and we don’t mean just thankfulness over material blessings. As we get ready to enter this most joyous of holiday season, we want to say Thank You for sustaining our business this year and allowing us…..

Which type of onion should I plant?

Thinking about growing onions but not sure which variety to choose? There are three types of onions grown for bulbs. They are short-day, intermediate-day, and long-day onions. The type gives us an idea on the amount of daylight needed for the….

End Of Season Tips For Harvesting Herb Plants

When you think of herbs, you probably don’t consider harvest time, since most gardeners clip herbs throughout the growing season for culinary use. But as the end of the summer nears, and the first frost threatens to kill less hardy herbs …

Preparing Your Fall Garden For Spring

Don’t Put Off What You Can Do Today… …Because Otherwise You’ll Have to Do It in the Spring! With the cooler temperatures and crisp, clear air, fall garden chores just don’t seem so much like chores. Just think of the…..

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