How To Make Your Yard An American Goldfinch Haven

The brilliant color and sing-songy voice of the American goldfinch makes it one of the most desirable backyard birds. However, the elusiveness of these wild canaries makes …

What Can I Plant With Phlox?

I am looking at planting around my front yard, in front of shrubs. I’m definitely wanting the Phlox plant in that area but I would love suggestions for what plants I can combine with it. It can…

Which type of onion should I plant?

Thinking about growing onions but not sure which variety to choose? The amount of daylight needed for the….

We’ve Taken the Safe Seed Pledge

GHS has taken the Safe Seed Pledge! We believe growing and nurturing plants should start with the best seeds possible, that’s why we offer only non-GMO, certified organic …

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