We Need Plant Suggestions for English Style Gardens

We would like to purchase many plants to adorn the remainder of our backyard in an “English country” style. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for perennials and other plants that you feel would be suitable to our area?

Which type of onion should I plant?

Thinking about growing onions but not sure which variety to choose? There are three types of onions grown for bulbs. They are short-day, intermediate-day, and long-day onions. The type gives us an idea on the amount of daylight needed for the….

Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors

Starting vegetable seeds indoors is the least expensive way to grow your own vegetables and it can also be tremendously fun and satisfying. This article gives a detailed plan on when your seeds should be started, what supplies you will need, and ……

Welcoming Birds to Your Winter Garden

Don’t Forget to Feed and Water the Birds! Getting ready for the winter months include bringing things in: houseplants, tools. But there’s something you’ll want to put out at this time: birdfeeders and heated birdbaths. Many varieties of birds are…..

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