Fall-Planted Bulbs For Sale: We’ve got ’em!

Fall-Planted Bulbs For Sale: We’ve got ’em! Customers have been asking us to carry flower bulbs, and we’ve been listening. Starting today, you can order flowering bulbs from Garden Harvest Supply. Unlike other bulb suppliers, there is no minimum order—you can ….

5 Benefits of Planting a Radish Fall Cover Crop

One of the most beneficial rising stars in the world of cover crops is the radish. We aren’t talking about the garden variety, globe-shaped radishes; we’re talking about the open-pollinated, large-rooted, daikon-type radishes. These radishes have beneficial results extending into the spring planting ….

Growing Garlic in the Fall

What to Do (Or Not to Do) First When it comes to planting fall garlic, timing can be everything. First, when you receive your garlic bulbs, do NOT separate them until just before you put them in the ground. Put them in a dark, cool spot until planting if you cannot plant them fairly quickly, […]

How to Prune Hydrangea Plants-Expert Advice for the Novice

The easiest way to avoid having to prune is to always plant your hydrangeas where they can grow “au naturale” and won’t need pruning, except to clean out dead stems or to deadhead the blossoms as they fade, both of which can be done at any time of the year. But, if you have established […]

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