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New Varieties of Grasses for 2017!

Ornamental grass growing next to a benchWhat’s not to love about ornamental grasses? These easy-to-grow plants bring multiple seasons of movement, sound and color to your gardens and containers.

Their dramatic form provides a distinctive look and offers a good contrast for your other landscape plants.

Not only are ornamental grasses very adaptable and low-maintenance, they also have very few pest problems. They’re just about the perfect plant!

The first thing to think about when selecting a plant is its mature size. Because there are many different sizes and structures, finding the correct one for your space will make all the difference. Once you have your size, you’ll want to choose the color and texture that will provide the best look in your landscape.

View our fantastic grasses here:

When you purchase plants from us, it’s more than just buying something for yourself: you’re helping to feed someone who’s hungry! We are accomplishing this by partnering with community gardens across the nation. We will provide them with free plants to grow and then they will distribute the produce to the needy. So, from everyone who will benefit, allow us to say, “Thank you!”

We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

Joe Stutzman and Everyone at GHS!

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