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Save Your Bird Feeders By Feeding The Squirrels

This May Sound Corny

Squirrel dining on an ear of cornSquirrels are active critters, and they're fascinating to watch. Just like birds, squirrels stay warm and protected in nests they have built in hollow tree trunks or in the limbs and branches of tall trees. Sometimes, the elements destroy their nests, so they have to rebuild and they leave their old homes behind.

Squirrels bury food but they don't find it again from memory. They have a great sense of smell and find food buried by other animals. Squirrels love to chew, and they will chew on nearly anything within their access, to keep their teeth sharp. They also have extremely sharp toenails that can shred skin, so don't ever try to pick up a squirrel, even if he's friendly. Squirrels are wildlife and make terrible pets, but if you keep a supply of food available, they'll make your yard their regular dining spot.

During inclement weather, squirrels have a nice fur coat to keep them warm, but if their food sources are buried under blankets of snow or layers of ice, they can get pretty frustrated. Even the nuts and seeds they've stored for the winter can become inaccessible in heavy snows. So, in cold months, your birdfeeders are more appealing to squirrels than ever.

Squirrels love corn and they will often leave bird feeders alone (even the black oil sunflower seeds) when offered corn feed in one form or another. Our squirrel feeders are made to hold cob corn or corn kernels and can be elaborate and tricky to perch on, or simple.

Our most economical corn feeder, the Chain Squirrel Feeder, holds an ear of corn off the ground, suspended from a branch or a roof eave.  The chain feeder provides food and quite a bit of fun as the squirrels leap to the corncob and hang on for dear life as they munch.

If you prefer to make squirrels really work for their dinner, install our Squirrel Spinner or Squirrel-Go-Round. And for the most challenging of all, put up a Squngee bungee feeder. These feeders will provide the most entertainment for your money, delivering hours of giggles as you watch the squirrels perform acrobatics to earn their meals. No one said you had to make it easy for them. Feed the squirrels: laughter is good for your health!

Squirrels are extremely active and stay on the go all day, which means they need a constant food source. Primarily vegetarians, their diet consists fruits, buds, seeds, nuts, roots, pinecones, leaves, twigs and bark. Many types of squirrel feeders and squirrel food are available commercially, to keep squirrels happy and coming back to your yard for their dinners.

Bon Appetit!

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