Thanks For A Great Start To My Herb Garden!

Rosemary herbs growing in a container

I just wanted to say thanks for everything! I planted the cilantro seeds and they are growing like crazy!

Cilantro seeds growing in a container

The rosemary and the English thyme have overcome transplant shock and they, too, are growing like crazy!

Thyme plants growing in a container

I want to thank you for the attention and service, and for getting me started on a great herb garden. I plan to expand my herb garden and will be ordering from you in the future. I plant to tell a couple of friends about Garden Harvest Supply and the great service I got! Ray D.

Rosemary  herbs growing in a container


Ray, we sure appreciate your nice note and the photos showing how healthy and vibrant your new herb plants are. We look forward to seeing your future herb growing successes, too. With herbs, you can’t lose: They’re pretty plants, they’re easy to grow, they’ll be happy nearly anywhere, and they can kick up your culinary skills by many levels. Thanks for your business, and keep us posted! GHS

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