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Garden Seeder Sale

1001b_seeder_MSpring's on the Way


Spring will be here before you know it. Spring seems to sneak up on us kind of like Christmas. We look forward to it with anticipation and can't wait until it gets here, but when it does, we find ourselves stressed by the never-ending things we need to do or feel we HAVE to accomplish.

Is there never enough time to get everything done?

Does your garden seem bigger each year?

Does your garden actually grow larger each year?

Are you trying to balance the benefits vs. the work of your garden?

We've got a time, money and energy-saving solution for you!


  • Come in all shapes and sizes
  • Save lots of time when sowing your garden
  • Make the seeding chore easier
  • Save money by dispensing even the smallest seeds more efficiently
  • Save time by reducing the number of seedlings you'll thin
  • May be a gardener's very best friend!


mini_seedmaster_MRegardless of the number or types of flower or vegetable seeds you plant, we have a garden seeder that will save you time and money.


You may find our Dial Seed Sower or Mini Seedmaster Hand Seeder the ideal time- saving tool.


Or, you might like how our Seedmaster Vibrating Hand Seeder works. This handy tool comes with 4 interchangeable baffles for more precise sowing of a wide range of seed types and sizes.


Maybe the WOLF-Garten Garden Seeder is the tool you need. Just attach it to the WOLF-Garten handle you already have, or combine this seeder with our 59 aluminum handle to start your WOLF-Garten collection of interchangeable garden tools.


If you have a lot of sowing to do, you definitely need one of our walk-behind, all-in-one garden seeders. Our EarthWay Precision Garden Seeder, Lambert Garden Seed Planter and Precision Products Garden Seeder can furrow, sow, fertilizer and cover the seeds in one easy step.


lambert_seeder_MSimply choose the one that suits your needs the best

they are all reasonably priced.



Visit our Garden Seeder page.

Choose your perfect garden seeder.

Don't forget add-on accessories and parts.

Enter Discount Code 2SEEDER14

at checkout now through February 26

SAVE 15%


(Gardener's Best Friend Forever)

Look Forward to Spring Seeding Like Never Before.

It's Almost Time!



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