BegoniasPot or Bedor Both?

Colorful Begonia Flowers

We have more than 40 varieties of begonias for sale! This means we'll have at least one that tickles your fancy. These tropical-looking plants with their striking foliage and pretty blooms will easily go from indoors to outdoors and back in again, which makes this versatile annual flower more of a perennial wonder than a one-season beauty. With just a little bit of TLC and know-how, you can enjoy your begonia plants for years. You can read How to Grow Begonia Plants or Growing BegoniasNot As Hard As You Think for more information.

Here are your choices:

Angel Wing Begoniasare most often grown as houseplants. They prefer indirect light, consistent moisture and high humidity. Their blossoms are petite, while their foliage is exceptionally eye-catching. They can be moved in and out of doors as the seasons permit, though a partially shaded patio or other protected area will be best. Angel Wing begonias, a.k.a. Cane begonias, will perform their best if you avoid transplanting them from pot to bed, instead moving their container in and out of doors.

Bonfire® Begoniasare more tolerant of the sun than Angel Wing begonias. They have larger, more expressive blossoms and foliage that is serrated with colored margins. The soft blossoms and sharp leaves combine for a stunning visual display. Bonfire begonias adapt well to being moved from pot to bed.

AnchorCrackling Fire® Begoniastolerate more sun and are much more tolerant of drought conditions. They are also extremely compact, self-cleaning and come in myriad colorsthe ideal bedding plant! These blossoms are waxy-looking, textured and are further enhanced by slender serrated leaves and red stems.

Dragon Wing Begoniasare recognized by their leathery-looking, wing-shaped leaves. Extremely heat-hardy, Dragon Wing begonias will bloom as brightly and prolifically in full shade as they will in the sun. A cross between Angel Wing and Wax Begonias, this begonia is recommended for the novice, but is loved by all.

Solenia® Begoniashave been bred to love the sun, though they will also tolerate partially shady conditions. They are drought tolerant and have smaller and more numerous leaves than other begonias, while their blossoms are large, double-petalled and extremely showy. These are a cross between a tuberous and wax begonia and easily adapt to pots or beds.

Tuberous Begoniascome in many forms. The foliage and the blossoms can cascade or grow upright; the blossoms can measure up to 3 inches across and they will bear both male and female flowers. Tuberous begonias grow best in partial shade and need regular, consistent moisture but are also more tolerant of sun, drought and rain.

Wax Begoniaswill be more drought-tolerant than most, since the ‘waxy,' thick leaves store water for the plant. The foliage and blossom colors are vivid and perfectly complement each other.

So, what kinds of begonias do YOU want to grow?

Choose as many as you'd likeour begonias are on sale 'til midnight, January 28!

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