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Now is the ideal time to start thinking about what your yard will look like in the spring, BEFORE you are totally inundated with every blooming thing in every garden center in every store!

Just like Christmas shopping in October, all of the big box stores have started stocking their garden centers with actively blooming greenhouse-grown plants long before you should be planting them in the ground. And, after looking at winter's brown or white landscape, we are all thirsty for some colorso who can blame us for giving in and buying those plants, even if it's too early to plant them?

Blooming flowers are the harbinger of

springtime sun and warmth, right?

THENPlant Flower Seeds!

  • You can start your flower seeds early, growing your own little bit of spring indoors, even if it hasn't happened outdoors yet
    • or start them in your garden bed outdoors at the ideal time for optimal growth.
  • You can pick and choose the strongest plants for transplant
    • or thin, keeping only the strongest plants for your flower beds.
  • You know EXACTLY how they are grown, and more importantly, you will have the opportunity to acclimate them to your climate before transplanting them
    • or you can start them right where they belongin your own garden.
  • You will save money. Seeds are much less expensive; your success rate for transplant and a beautiful garden is ensured by your personal nurturing
    • indoors or out!
  • The satisfaction and personal gratification you get by growing your own flowers, from seed to seedling to beautifully blooming mature plant, is priceless!

SoBrowse Our Hundreds of Varieties!

Save 15% on annual and perennial flower seeds,

from A to Zinnia, such as:

Black Russian Sunflower Flower Seeds – Grow your own black oil sunflower seeds!

Tomentosa Santolina Flower Seeds – aka: Lavender Cotton, is evergreen and easy to grow.

Sorbet Citrus Mix Viola Flower Seeds – Violas in sunshiny colors.

Topknot Mix Balsam Flower Seeds – Old-fashioned Lady Slippers.

Buddy Purple Gomphrena Flower Seeds – Truly purple pom-poms, fresh and dried.

Crackerjack Mix African Marigold Flower Seeds – Extremely tall with double blossoms.

Little Bluestem Ornamental Grass Flower Seeds – Blue, green, red and silveroh my.

Benary's Giant Mix Zinnia Flower Seeds – Very showy vase flowers!

And save 15% on stuff to make sowing seeds easy:

ALL Garden Seeders, like our ridiculously inexpensive Dial Seed Sower

ALL Seed Starting Supplies, like our:

Hydrofarm Germination Station

Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat, 17 watt

& Jiffy All-in-One Greenhouse


We'll Even Make It Easy to Give the Gift of Flowers!

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