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The 10% you save now goes on for years.

That's what perennials are all about!

Perennials are the foundation for your landscape planseven if you don't have a plan.

  • Do you have a spot in your yard that you'd really like to see permanently decorated?

  • Do you wonder every year what to plant in that hard-to-water corner?

  • Do you need plants for an always-shady or always-sunny spot?

  • Do you have a spot that stays wet all the time?

?Wouldn't it be nice to never have to worry about that spot again ?


Choose from our customer favorites:

Tuberosa Asclepias: also called Milkweed or Butterfly Weed, although it is not a weed. It is non-invasive and is the plant material of choice for Queen and Monarch butterfly nurseries.

This cultivar does not have the milky sap that gives this plant its name.

Pow Wow Wild Berry Echinacea: grows and blooms best when given a good shearing in early summer; leaving its striking seed-heads in place will ensure wintertime song-bird visitors.

Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia: blooms early, attracting butterflies and honeybees; in the fall its eye-catching and attractive seed-heads serve to feed migratory and local avian residents.

Or from our newer additions, like:

Champagne Bubbles Mix Papaver: pleasingly colorful, short and fragrant; this Poppy is also drought-tolerant and an exceptionally pretty addition to your cut flower arrangements.

Spring Celebrities Mix Dwarf Alcea: blooms continuously in 7 colors! Mix and match or craft stunning monochromatic fresh arrangements to fill your vases.

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Perpetually Pretty Perennials

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