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EarthWay Garden Products On Sale

Make the Gardener in Your Life

Ecstatically Happy

and We'll Make YOU Happy

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All EarthWay Garden Tools, Accessories

and Parts*

Just in time for Christmas!

Just imagine the look on your favorite gardener's face when he or she unwraps one of these:

EarthWay Precision Garden Seeder (Model 1001B) In just one pass, this priceless garden tool makes a furrow, sows the seeds at the proper depth, covers the seeds and marks the next row. With the optional Fertilizer Applicator, it even dispenses the just-right amount of nutrients at the same time.

EarthWay Estate Broadcast Spreader – Even on the bumpiest terrain, the 10-inch pneumatic wheels on this walk-behind spreader make seeding or fertilizing a lawn so much easier. It comes fully assembled (except for two little bolts) and has a 5-year warranty!

EarthWay Professional Shoulder Spreader – This spreader goes where other spreaders won't! It has a large 40-lb capacity and a shoulder-harness system unmatched for its even weight distribution and comfortable use. Spread ice-melt, fertilizer, seed or any other granular product with adjustable spread patterns and left and right throwing ports.

Browse our EarthWay page with or without your favorite gardener.

(It doesn't take much to get a gardener wishing.)

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Merriest Christmas Ever!

Santa says hurry:

Sale ends December 23.

*All EarthWay tools and accessories are

proudly made right here in the U.S.A.

and are covered by a manufacturer's warranty and

our personal Satisfaction Guarantee

EarthWay Is Professional Grade

for You!

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