Why Serve Homemade Spreads?


Pumpkin butter is just one homemade spread that will make all your fall meals more memorable.  And, you can serve delicious homemade spreads without having to do any of the work!

If you have ever tasted store-bought apple butter, you may have found that it can fall quite short of the apple butter of your memory. Yes, we're talking about the apple butter your grandma might have served on warm, homemade bread or biscuits. Thick and naturally sweet with just the right amount of cinnamon spice, it was a terrific treat, and all the more special because you knew that grandma had taken the time to make it herself. You may have even been fortunate enough to be in the house when that unmistakable and heavenly aroma filled the airand you may have been rewarded with that first warm and wonderful spoonful, just before grandma put it in canning jars and processed it, sealing in all that flavor and goodness, ensuring you'd have homemade apple butter spread for the year to come.

And if you have never had homemade pumpkin butter, you are missing out! It's kind of like pumpkin pie in a jar! Creamy and spicy with that just right amount of sweetness, what it can do for plain old toast or a biscuit is nothing short of amazing. And pancakes? Oh my! It's like having dessert for breakfast! You can even add a dollop of whipped cream on top! The kids, including the grown-up ones, will be forever raving about the homemade pumpkin butter.

This is why we offer Jake & Amos Homemade Spreads. With recipes handed down through generations, these fruit-based homemade spreads are, in our opinion, the finest you can find. Literally homemade, Jake & Amos select the canning process that is best suited for each of their products, ensuring the exceptional flavor and homegrown quality so many try to duplicate but are unable to capture. The secret is the heart of all Jake & Amos products: it's the quality of the produce they begin with, all grown in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country on family farms, some of which are hundreds of years old.

homemade_apple_butterWe also carry some of the best-tasting homemade jams and jellies available. Made from generations-old Amish family recipes, Mrs. Miller's Homemade Jams and Jellies come in canning jars, just like they came right out of your kitchen! In fact, we are betting that if you were to do a blind taste test against any of your favorite jams or jellies, you, your family, your friends and even strangers on the street would choose the fresh flavors and textures of Mrs. Miller's.

You can choose from all of your standard favorites, like strawberry or black raspberry, but you also have your choice of more uncommon homemade recipes like Double Raspberry, a combination of black and red raspberries; Blueberry; Cherry; Elderberry; Red Currant; and Rhubarb-Strawberry. Try some of Mrs. Miller's Hot Pepper jelly, which pairs wonderfully with cream cheese and crackers, or any of the no sugar added recipes, with no artificial sweeteners or refined sugar.

You can, of course, serve our Homemade Spreads, Jams and Jellies at any time of the year, but right now, during the holidays, is the ideal time to serve something special for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch or dessert. Your guests will definitely appreciate that little something extra.


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