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Odds 'n EndsWhat Do YOU Need Covered?

Wood_Pile_Cover_MYou've most likely seen the standard-type outdoor furniture and equipment covers, and may even already protect your most common outdoor lifestyle belongings with outdoor covers, but have you thought about covering your bicycle, your rotary mower or even your stack of firewood?

Just as outdoor protective covers extend the life of your patio sets, chairs, swings, benches, umbrellas and bar-b-q grills (saving hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of these items), our outdoor covers for odds 'n ends will protect those unusually shaped and just-as-expensive objects from dust and grime, and the weather.

For example, our bicycle cover, though designed specifically for bicycles, can also do double-duty as a cover for many oddly shaped items like children's outdoor toys, metal or wooden seasonal yard decorations, trellises or sculptures. Look around and we're sure you'll find at least one thing, and probably many things, that are well worth protecting with a bicycle cover.

Our wood pile covers and web-handled storage bags are also exceedingly versatile. Zippers and grommets keep the wind from sending your covers sailing across the yard; they keep the rain, dust and most critters out while protecting just about anything you can imagine, including your wood pile. The webbed handles on our storage bags mean you can hang them up and out of the way; they are even bonded with nylon for additional strength. Switch your most often-used seasonal treasures in and out of these handy, weatherproof storage bags.

Bicycle_Cover_MSome of our covers, like our ride-on-mower cover, are even vented at the top to prevent condensation from forming on the inside, with cord locks installed to keep the ties from loosening. The generous size will fit most ride-on lawn mowers, as well as a host of other outdoor items, like wheelbarrows, generators and table-mounted power tools.

Besides protecting the investment you've made in yard toys, equipment and furniture, using outdoor covers also makes everything appear so much neater. Rather than spokes, handlebars, pedals and any number of parts sticking out all over the place, collecting dust and cobwebs and becoming a playground or nesting place for mice or insects, each cover makes a neat, tidy, green package, all tied up with grommets, cords and zippers.

Pssstintroducing outdoor covers for odds 'n ends may even encourage some good old-fashioned garage or storage shed cleaning. That, in and of itself, would be an inspiring reason to invest in some of our outdoor covers.

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