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What's on YOUR Emergency Survival Grocery List?

Canned Meat for SurvivalDo you have your pantry stocked with all of the items from your survival grocery list? Ohyou don't have a survival grocery list? That needs to be fixed!

One of the first considerations you should have when choosing items for your emergency grocery list is the shelf-life under less-than-ideal conditions. For example, if you have a storm shelter, you will want to keep it stocked. It really doesn't make much sense to have a storm shelter without stocking it with those items that may be required for a period of at least a few days. You might think you'll be in your storm shelter for only a short time, but if debris blocks your ability to get out or if you are badly injured, it can take a while for rescue.

Your Survival Grocery List should include:  

WaterA water main break or power outage will result in a run on the grocery store with water being one of the first items to sell out. The average person's health will decline quickly without water for three days, depending upon the temperatures and other climatic conditions. According to the FDA, there is no limit to the shelf life of bottled water.

Canned GoodsCanned goods, like canned meats, fruits, vegetables and even milk, have an extended shelf life and will provide protein, vitamins and minerals necessary to sustain health over an extended period of time. In addition to the above, you might want to consider peanut butter, another good source of protein, as well as tuna and coffee. Undamaged canned items have a shelf life of two to five years.

Dry GoodsDried beans are an exceptional source of protein, while rice is a good and satisfying filler to stretch those items in your emergency pantry, especially if you have a large family or find yourself restricted to what you have on hand for an extended period. Dried vegetables are also an excellent option, as they are easily hydrated and will extend your limited resources while adding nutritional value.  Properly packaged beans and white rice have an average shelf life of eight years.

We stock Grabill Country canned meats in our own pantries and storm shelters. Fully cooked and canned in their own juices, these lean meats can be eaten right out of the can, if necessary, or can be mixed with dried vegetables, beans or rice to increase volume and nutritional value. Chunky and flavorful, the can may even be used to heat the contents, provided you have that ability.

Dried vegetables for survivalAdditionally, you can order our Grabill Country meats individually, by the case, or in our sample pack of five 13 oz. cans with one of each can of our natural beef, chicken, pork and turkey chunks and our premium ground beef. We invite you to compare the consistent high quality and flavor of our favorite canned meats against any of those you currently use.

We also carry a wide variety of dried bulk vegetables, a great space-saving and time-saving ingredient for your everyday pantry, as well as for your emergency provisions. The extremely low moisture content ensures an almost limitless shelf life with proper storage.

Just because these things are considered emergency grocery items doesn't mean they have to be bland, flavorless, cheap or of low quality. If you find yourself stranded without power or water or under a pile of storm debris, it doesn't mean you have to suffer further by being forced to consume tasteless or barely nutritional foodstuffs. That is the time, while being deprived of other basic needs, when you will need the best nutrition possible. (Savory flavor doesn't hurt, either.)

In fact, using our Grabill Country canned meats and Dried Vegetables on a regular basis in your home will ensure you have a supply on hand when emergencies occurand easy-to-prepare emergency rations when your time is limited.

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