'Tis the SeasonFor Fireplaces & Wood-Burning Stoves

handy firewood carrier

Canvas_Firewood_Tote_MWhich means it's also the season for strained backs, splinters and snagged and sap-covered clothing, unless you have a wood carrier.

Hopefully you don't store your wood too close to the house. Wood is a termite's favorite food and your wood pile is the ideal restaurant. Storing your wood too close to the house can result in termites moving from the wood pile into the studs, wood flooring, and joists, even taking up residence in your wooden furniture. Once you have an infestation, they can be tough to get rid of, often requiring the expertise of an exterminator. Even minimal termite damage can affect your ability to refinance or sell your home, while a full-blown infestation can make it impossible.

And termites are not the only problem. Wood piles attract all kinds of critters, like snakes, mice and spiders, all of which may find the warmth and comfort of your home more attractive than the woodpile leaning against it.

Some experts recommend storing your firewood at least 30 feet from the house. That means it can be considerably farther from your front or back door, a distance that seems to get substantially longer with every armful of firewood you move (and even longer if it's raining, snowing or icy).

Owning a wood carrier is a wise investment for a relatively low cost:

  • You can carry many more logs in a wood carrier than you can in your arms.
  • A wood carrier leaves one arm free so you can open the door.
  • You can carry your wood inside, and then store it by the fireplace with our Log Carrier with Stand.
  • Our Canvas Log Carrier folds and stores out of the way or under the wood, keeping the wood debris off your tile or carpeting.
  • Easily handle loads of logs of all sizes with our wheeled Log Cart; its 20-inch wheels roll easily on uneven terrain.

Incredibly portable, wood carriers can be used to carry wood to the smoker, chiminea or patio fireplace all season long. You can even take your wood carrier camping or to the lake as a handy way to transport wood from your vehicle to your fireplace and then a neat way to store it. If you camp where you can collect your own wood, each of our carriers will assist with the wood-gathering chores. Two younger children can even pair up to do a stand-up job, one to make them (and you) proud.

Do yourself a favor. Save your back and your clothing. Protect your home by storing your firewood farther away and transporting it to the fireplace with a wood carrier. Spend a little to save a whole lot!

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