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Vegetable Seed Sale

Why Organic Vegetable Seeds from

Garden Harvest Supply?

hand seeder for flower seeds and vegetable seeds


Our Organic Vegetable Seeds are Certified organic. No artificial chemical fertilizers, growth hormones or synthetic pesticides have been used in their raising, which means:

  • Our organic veggie seeds are a fantastic value for the price.
  • Our organic vegetable seeds are fresh.
  • Our organic vegetable seeds have a higher-than-average germination rate.

Our Organic Vegetable seeds are NOT genetically modified!

We have taken the Safe Seed Pledge.

And Why Grow Organic?

Though a purely personal decision, it does have its advantages:

  • The certification process has strict requirements and is closely monitored.
  • You know exactly what is NOT used to produce the seeds, and therefore what is NOT inadvertently ending up being digested by your family.
  • With stringent growing requirements, you know you are buying the highest quality vegetable seed.

And Why Buy Now?

Save 15%


Organic Vegetable Seeds

Seed Starting Supplies

Garden Seeders

Save 15% on all of our ORGANIC Vegetable Seeds:

Choose from over 350 varieties, including:

Organic Jubilee Sweet Corn seed. Brown-thumb-tolerant!

Organic DeCicco Broccoli seed. Little trees for little-tree munchers.

Organic Emerald Giant Sweet Pepper seed. Ideal for stuffing.

Organic Tyee Spinach seedEasy-peasy growing and cleaning.

Organic Bonny Best Tomato seed. Heirloom 'maters, great for everything from slicing to canning.

Our Organic Early Summer Crookneck Squash seed and Organic Tahitian Squash seed. Your cornucopia will be running over!

Organic Crimson Sweet Watermelon seeds. Rememberleave LOTS of room.

Andif you want to get a jump-start on the season, pick up one (or more) of ourLandmark P72 Plug Trays. Fill with your own soil mixture, our Pro-Mix Seed Starting Soilor Jiffy Peat Pellets. Start your seeds indoors or in your greenhouse.

Save 15% by Planning Ahead!

Use Discount Code VEGGIE13 at Checkout through November 30.

Make sure to check out our WOLF-Garten Garden Seeder with interchangeable long or short handles, and our Seedmaster Vibrating Hand Seeder with swappable baffles for any size seed.

They're on sale, too!

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