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How To Remove Dog Urine?

Removing_Dog_UrineIf you have ever had a puppy or an aging dog, you probably have wondered how to remove dog urine. You not only need to remove the stain, but you need to eliminate the odor. Bear in mind that just because you can't smell the odor, it doesn't mean that it's gone. The offending dog may go back to the same place over and over again if the odor is not completely eliminated, and any new or visiting dog will also be tempted to declare its dominance by marking over the spot. Their sniffers are much more sensitive than ours!

What you need is a product that will not only provide you immediate relief from the unpleasant smell, but that will effectively eliminate the odor and the stain from dog urine. You also want a product that will not damage your fabrics and is perfectly safe for use around your pets and family members.

D-Molish Now is available in Spring Fresh or Orange scents, either of which will do away with the offending odor immediately, but it doesn't stop there: it goes a mile further! The enzymes within the formulation go to workand keep workingdigesting the source of the odor, which is just one reason we find D-Molish to be superior to most other products.

The other reasons?

  • It is non-acidic and non-alkaline. Solvent-free, this product can be used without damaging plumbing, tile, toilets or even septic systems.
  • It is non-staining. You can safely use it on carpets, draperies and upholstery. In fact, you can even use it as a laundry additive. (It's a fantastic degreaser!)
  • It is non-poisonousand only mildly irritating with prolonged contact. Children, pets, fish, birds and your plants are all safe. There are no fumes, except for the pleasant fragrance.
  • It is multi-purpose. Use it to remove dog urine stains and odor or cat urine stains and odor; to degrease your vent cover or stove; to clean tile grout; or to break down oil and gasoline on your concrete driveway and sidewalks. (Pest removal experts even use it to de-skunk-itize and to remove the overwhelming smell of bat guano.)

Though you may purchase D-Molish Now to remove dog urine and the associated odors, the uses you will find for it are immeasurable. In fact, we'd love to hear how it works for you. Just let us know!


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