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The Value of Outdoor Covers

Patio_Furniture_CoverDo you replace some or all of your lawn furniture every year?

Does your birdbath or fountain look like an antiquebut it's not?

Have you replaced your bbq grill when it was less than 5 years old?

Are you regularly replacing your patio umbrella or plastic molded chairs?

If so, you are probably not protecting the investment you've made in order to enjoy your outdoor lifestyle, though it is actually not that expensive or difficult to do. A relatively small investment in a cover designed to protect your outdoor furniture and accessories will save you money, will keep your possessions looking newer for much longer, and will even contribute to a more ordered and neat looking exterior during the months when the weather ensures you're spending more time indoors than out.

A barbecue grill can be a big investment. Even the smallest propane or charcoal grill can cost you most of a week's salary.

And how do you dispose of those rusted, worn-out, broken-down grills? Do you take them to the landfill? Do you push them under the deck or store them in your garage or shed? Unless you plant flowers in them or otherwise re-purpose them, these old relics are taking up space, are looking unsightly, and will ultimately be a part of the trash problem we all face when it comes to taking care of our planet.

Outdoor_Grill_CoverPurchasing a grill cover will ensure your propane bbq grill lasts much longer and continues to work well with only minor maintenance and regular cleaning.

Your outdoor furniture is also a large investment that can be protected quite easily and inexpensively. Have you priced cushions lately? And it is not just the cushions: the mechanisms that enable that lounge chair to lounge will deteriorate if left out in the elements. The finish on your patio table will eventually fade or rust and you may not be able to easily fold that foldable chair any longer. Each year the prices go up, even on those relatively inexpensive plastic molded chairs, which not only start looking old really quickly when left out in the weathersometimes cracking and breaking at the most inopportune momentsbut are virtually indestructible for eons in our landfills.

Purchasing and using patio set covers, chair covers and umbrella covers will save your hard-earned money and ensure a comfortable, attractive and enjoyable place to relax for years.

Virtually every outdoor accessory you own can be protected by a cover. Made of UV stabilized polyester and put together with rot-resistant threads, metal grommets and nylon cording and cord-locks, they will last for years if stored properly when not in use. Outdoor covers come in a wide variety of configurations, made specifically for covering everything from Adirondack chairs to chimineas to propane-powered patio heaters. Protect your bicycles, fire pits, lawn mowers and yard tractors. There are even covers designed for protecting the longevity of your firewood rack while keeping the wood it holds dry and ready to burn.

Just browse our covers for odds 'n' ends to see what else you can cover and protect.



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