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Why Own a Lawn Sweeper?

Pushable_Lawn_SweeperYour first reaction to looking at a lawn sweeper may be that it costs a lot.

Many happy owners of our lawn sweepers had that initial reaction, until they got one as a gift or splurged on this indispensable yard tool for themselves. It's up to you to decide what your time is worth, but when it comes to money.

Built of the most durable and long-lasting materials, they are height-adjustable, have semi-pneumatic wheels for navigability, are built on a powder-coated frame for weather resistance and have the largest capacity hopper possible for the size. Your lawn sweeper purchase will more than pay for itself in the first 3 months of use and will last for years! Admit it, there are not many lawn tools that can make that claim, but we guarantee our lawn sweepers will perform as promised.

How can it save you time and money? Let's count the ways:

  1. A lawn sweeper eliminates the need to walk around your yard picking up the toys, small branches, rocks and other objects that are a pre-mowing chore. Its adjustable brushes can pick up everything from grass clippings to good-sized branches, almost effortlessly.
  2. A lawn sweeper will save you the cost of constantly replacing mower blades, as well as the frustration of finding the right blade to replace the old one and the time-consuming, sometimes difficult, process of removing the old one and putting on a new one.
  3. Lawn_SweeperA lawn sweeper will cut the time you normally spend raking after mowing, freeing you up to do something more important, like spending quality time with your family, building that pond you've been thinking about, or just going fishing.
  4. A lawn sweeper can save you a fortune in store-bought compost or fertilizer by making it ridiculously easy to compost your yard debris. Just sweep the lawn's grass clippings or leaves and dump into your compost pile or shovel into your composter. (Yeah, THAT composterthe one you've always talked about building but never got around to because you were too busy raking the yard.)
  5. Just thinkno more climbing off and on your riding mower to pick up something you missed when you walked the yard the first time and no more stooping and bending. Make fewer passes than walking the yard and do a much more thorough job.
  6. A new toy, like a lawn sweeper, can get the whole family involved in yard work. It's much easier on aging muscles and degenerating backs, while making quick work of that raking chore you've had to fight your children to get done. They may be fighting, instead, for the opportunity to use that new toy (at least for a while).
  7. If you've previously hired a lawn service and the economy has you thinking about canceling itget a lawn sweeper! You will save 1/2 the weekly cost just by eliminating the need to pay for grass clipping or leaf clean-upand the entire cost if you choose to mow yourself.
  8. These work horses can even help with snow removal, which is a whole OTHER subject.

They are made right here in the U.S.A.

Can you think of one good reason NOT to buy a lawn sweeper?

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