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How to Remove Urine Smell from a Mattress

Urine_Smell_From_MattressHow many times have you tried to remove a urine smell from a mattress? There's no need to be embarrassed. We know there are many reasons for this to happen:

  • Pets
  • The Elderly
  • Children/Grandchildren
  • Illness
  • Incontinence

And now there is something that really works. Really, really works! It is even utilized by pest removal experts to destroy the odor of skunk, bat guano, and yes, urine, that they encounter as they perform the duties of their profession. We have to applaud them for doing a job most of us would not even consider. In fact, we're pretty sure their parents didn't encourage them to become a pest removal expert, unless they are following in a parent's footsteps. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.

D-Molish NOW! is an all-purpose household cleaner that happens to do a fantastic job at not only removing odors, but at destroying the cause of the most foul smells. The Spring Fresh or Orange Scent gives you immediate relief from the offending odors, while the naturally occurring enzymes work to digest the source of the odor, most often nasty bacteria.

Amazingly safe, you can use D-Molish NOW! to remove stains and odors from most fabrics, including your mattress. It is extremely safe for use around your pets and family. Non-acidic, non-alkaline, with no solvents, it is even safe to use around vegetation and water features, indoors or out. If you've ever read a warning label that says not to use a product around birds or aquatic life, you should think twice about using it anywhere in your home; warning labels are written for a majority of the general public, though no one can say for sure how any person might react to a particular product. It's much better to be safe than sorry, especially when you or your family will be sleeping on a treated item.

To clean your mattress, simply wipe the area with a wet cloth and then spray D-Molish NOW! Mist with water (which helps to activate the enzymes) and let it dry completely. If the stain persists, you can reapply in 48 hours, though most of our customers have found it to work on all but the most stubborn stains the first time. By the way, it will also clean blood stains.

Don't even think about buying a new mattress because you can't remove the urine smell from your current one. Try D-Molish NOW! first. There is a reason we have it in our Home Necessities department. It truly works.

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