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Our Last Friday's Fantastic Flower Fiesta Of 2013!

Friday's Fantastic Flower Fiesta!

Say Hi to Fall~

Fall is the ideal time to plant

perennial herbs

• All Lavender Plants
• All Oregano Plants
• All Rosemary Plants
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Lavender: Hidcote Blue yields dark purplish-blue blossoms on spring-green foliage. Grow lavender as a low hedge, as an accent plant in your rock garden, or in containers. Use lavender fresh or dried in sachets and potpourris or extract the essential oils from its blossoms and leaves. Lavender is known to encourage relaxation and sleep.


Oregano: When it comes to Oregano, there are lots of choices: Golden Oregano adds a unique color to your garden and spreads more vigorously than others. Hot and Spicy Oregano is high in essential oils, while Italian Oregano is a cross between oregano and marjoram; it produces pink blossoms and can grow to 2 feet tall. Variegated oregano has small leaves splashed with gold. It grows well in partial shade and has a milder flavor whether it is used fresh or dried.


Rosemary: We have a great selection of Rosemary varietieswith 9 to choose from. All are widely adaptable and have a range of characteristics. Highly fragrant, you can use Rosemary in wreaths and potpourris, and even shape them into topiaries. Grow Rosemary as an aromatic privacy screen or low hedge, even in poor soils. Choose a sunny spot or two and grow several varieties for all your culinary and decorative needs.


The first day of fall is September 22.

Celebrate and

spice up your life!


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