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Friday's Fantastic Flower Fiesta #6

Friday's Fantastic Flower Fiesta!

Has been a HUGE hit, so

we are keeping the FUN

and the SAVINGS going!


Every Friday you'll receive

news of the Favorite Fantastic Flowers

being Featured during our







Save 20%

Each Friday through

the following Tuesday


Look at What's on Sale Now!

August 30 through September 3:


Clematis: is a customer favorite! Rich, vibrantly colored, large blossoms amass on vines that can climb as tall as 20 feet and have been known to live as long as 80 years! Fragrant, the butterflies love ‘em while the deer will leave ‘em alone.


Buddleia: is also called the Butterfly Bush or the Summer Lilac and bears wonderfully fragrant sprays of flowers from summer through fall. Stunningly beautiful and remarkably low maintenance, you'll want to keep plenty of vases on hand.


Grasses: a.k.a. Ornamental Grasses, come in a variety of striking and interesting personalities. Architecturally pleasing, theyrequire little maintenance and are not prone to diseases or pests. Grass plants have an appealing look through all four seasons.

Come Browse Awhile

Select the Perennial that Strikes Your Fancy

And Enter Discount Code FF6813

When You Check Out


We Look Forward to Seeing You!



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