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Friday's Fantastic Flower Fiesta! #4

Friday's Fantastic Flower Fiesta!


Is it Friday Yet?

Yes, It Is!

Get Ready for the Weekend


And while you're daydreaming,

take a mental stroll around your yard.

Can it use some perennial color?

Is there a corner just calling out for a shrub?


There is
always room for improvement, and

now is the ideal time to add that spot of color or that attention-grabbing focal point!





Friday's Fantastic Flower Fiesta!

You will save 20% on

4count them4

    different types of flowers or shrubs, and every      

flower or shrub we have in stock in all 4 departments!


True Geranium: Also called Hardy Geranium or Cranesbill, this perennial actually looks nothing like a geranium. Single frilly blooms atop spreading, foliage make the highly aromatic True Geranium ideal for spilling over rocks or driftwood.


Heuchera: Coral Bells is grown mostly for its colorful foliage, but

it gets its name from the tiny, bell-shaped blossoms rising on

graceful stems above highly decorative and interesting leaves.


Sedum: Showy and drought-tolerant, its succulent leaves support loads of bushy flower heads that will cover the upper two thirds of this Stonecrop, a remarkably fragrant butterfly magnet.


Syringa: Lilacs are one of the most sweet-smelling blossoms you'll ever grow. Blooming early in the spring, these fantastic flowers can be cut to fill your vases to bring that amazing perfume indoors.


So, browse our sale to your heart's content –

Picture these gorgeous and colorful blossoms growing in your own yard.

Add a bunch to your cart

and enter discount code FF4813

to save 20%

and enjoy those savings for

years to come!

Coupon Expires 8/20/13



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