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Which Rosemary Should I Grow?

Rosemary plant growing in the gardenHello Karen: I live in Atlanta.  I am going to plant miniature boxwoods.  Could you help me with the rosemary? Thank you, Dorothy

Answer: Dorothy, Since I don’t know what Zone you are in, I want to first say that most Rosemary is only hardy to Zone 7 or Zone 8. Please check each plant information section if you are wanting these to be perennial.

I am also thinking your boxwoods range from 24″ to 36″ tall, so you are needing a shrub version of the Rosemary.

We have several varieties available. The ones that would make the best hedge would be: Rosemary Herb PlantRosemary-Arp Herb PlantRosemary-Barbeque Herb PlantRosemary-Hill Hardy Herb PlantRosemary-Shady Acres Herb PlantRosemary-Taurentius Herb Plant; or Rosemary-Tuscan Blue Herb Plant.

Each variety has its own unique fragrance and growing characteristics as described in the plant information section. If you can’t decide, choose a couple of varieties and see which does the best in your location.

Happy growing,  Karen

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