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A Day For Remembrance

Omaha cementary for fallen heroes

The last Monday of May each year is Memorial Day, a sacred time for us to remember and give thanks to those whose sacrifices have secured all the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.  Countless men and women throughout history have lost their lives while fighting to keep our country safe from our enemies.

Democracy is a fair, rational and representative form of government that is worth protecting, but that protection doesn’t come without a high price.  The brave men and women who comprise our armed forces have held firm to their ideals and have fought for the safety and freedom of the United States, often by losing their lives in the line of duty, and in the name of protecting their fellow citizens.  Their families and friends have suffered great losses for the benefit of our nation as a whole.

Please join us today in recognizing all the valiant individuals who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may continue to enjoy all our liberties.  They fought to safeguard a great future for generations of Americans to come.  To all those who have perished while serving, we owe a debt of gratitude for your bravery and courage, and to everyone who has lost loved ones in service to our country, we mourn your losses as our own.  We honor every individual who has fought to keep America great, and we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

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