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Lantana Plants on Sale

Potted Lantana Plants for Sale

All Lantana On Sale 'til May 31!

The lovely Lantana will be one of the first shrubs to bloom in the spring and will often bloom right through to the first frost. Well-suited to growing in the South, many of our customers in the North love them so much they grow them in large containers or on the sunniest side of the house and lovingly protect them throughout the winter.

 They just can't wait to see those colorful blossoms come springtime!

The Lantana (lan-TAH-na) has been hybridized through the years to produce woody shrubs that don't require a lot of care. No longer do you have to remove the fruit in order for reblooming to happenthey just do that all by themselves! The new breeds of Lantana also are widely adaptable to various soils, have an extended blooming season, and are exceedingly drought and salt tolerant once well established.

Carefree, eco-friendly and beautifulwhat more could you possibly want?

Ohyou want them cheap?

They are all 15% off! 

Our Bandana Lantana grows more compactly than many other Lantana varieties, while the available colors are simply glorious! The Bandana Lantana is well-suited to growing in containers and even in hanging baskets, most trailing up to 36 inches. In fact, some of our Yellow Lantana Plant for Salecustomers grow Bandana as a flowering groundcover. You can choose from a variety of fantastic colors, with some cultivars exhibiting four colors, all in one blossom and all at the same time!

Our Carolina Lantana has an improved mounding growth habit, with some varieties trailing up to 4 feet. Most Carolina cultivars will yield bicolor blossoms in hues from creamy yellow to peach to hot pink and brilliant reddish-orange. Carolina Lantanas seem to have a more decidedly tropical personality.

Contrary to popular belief, the Lantana doesn't have an unpleasant aroma; the leaves, when crushed, can emit a somewhat pungent, citrusy scent.  Just don't walk on them! 

Our Son Lantana Series is the most shrubby. Reaching heights and widths of three to five feet, these well-branched and compact woody shrubs can be one of your perennial foundation plants in the southern zones and grown as a large, containerized shrub in the northern zones. Many of our gardeners on the cusp of the north and south grow them as a tender perennial, covering them with a plant protection cover and/or mounding a thick layer of straw or mulch at the base of the plant.

And finally, we have more Lantana, which do not fall into a specific breeder's series, but are no less beautiful or carefree. You should see the Lavender Trailing Lantana on this page!

Lantanas today are not the invasive species the wild lantanas were; many of today's hybrids having no seeds (fruit) at all or sterile seeds. Their tropical beauty is so loved it encouraged Lantana growers to breed options that would be non-invasive while preserving the fantastic colors and growing habits, sometimes with remarkable improvements in the species.Potted Pink Lantana Plants for Sale

So, here's your chance to experience the charming Lantana for yourself,

or to add to your Lantana collection.

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and enjoy your new Lantanas! 

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