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Our Premium Plants are plants that have had an extra year of growth. Grown and shipped to you in larger pots, not only are the roots more developed, but these premium-sized plants will grow larger than ever and bloom in the very first year.

Are you landscaping a new home or upgrading existing landscaping?

PREMIUM PLANTS provide a more mature look, right out of the pot.

Are you planting for a wedding or other special backyard occasion?

PREMIUM PLANTS grow quicker and bloom sooner.

Do you prefer an instantly mature garden bed over waiting for seedlings to grow?

PREMIUM PLANTS provide instant ‘green' gratification!

Is your thumb less than green?

PREMIUM PLANTS arrive larger, with a better-developed root system.


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Our Premium Plants may be YOUR answer

to having the most beautiful garden you've ever had.

ALL of our Premium Plants are On Sale until May 15, 2013:

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