How Should I Start Lemongrass

Lemon Grass Plant Growig In A ContainerI would like several potted lemon grass plants for my patio. Should I start indoors now? How long will they take to grow 5-6 feet tall? Should I buy the stalks and start myself or just get the plants at a greenhouse? Thanks, Julie M.

Answer: You can start the lemongrass indoors from cuttings.  If you search our blog you will find several articles talking about this.  We do sell healthy starter plants, and these will be ready to go outside as soon as you’ve passed your last frost date. You are in Zone 5a, which means that date should be somewhere mid- to late May. If the plants are growing in pots they are not likely to reach their full size of six feet but should grow tall and full by the end of your growing season. Plants can be brought inside and overwintered as well, if you have a sunny, draft-free location.

Happy gardening!


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