Blow Away Winter With Our 2013 Flowering Combinations!

Our 2013 Flowering Combinations Are Now Available for Preorder!

Now is the time to be thinking about those hanging baskets to be filled, those standing containers you'll be decorating your breezeway or patio with, and what annual flowers you would like to plant in your deck boxes, flowerbeds and other outdoor spaces.

First introduced last year, our designer-style combination flower plantings thrilled customers:

Each flowering combination has been artistically designed, taking into consideration the amount of light and water necessary for each variety of flower, as well as the aesthetically pleasing final appearance of their complementary colors, textures and architectural composition.

All you have to do is plant them and feed them!

We've even made feeding them uncomplicated! Jobe's Hanging Basket Fertilizer Spikes are the simple one-step solution to providing the essential nutrients necessary for the heavy feeding requirements of your blooming annual plants.Additionally, our Terra-Sorb Water Saving Granules significantly increase the water-retention capacity in your planters, while our Vacation Anti-Drought Plant Treatment makes it possible for you to go on vacation and not worry about having a plant-sitter.

This year we have added some new flower combinations, like:

Having gorgeous planters and flower beds has never been easier!

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