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Organic Vegetable Seed Sale

October 25th, 2012

 It’s Time to Plan Next Season’s Vegetable Garden

And SAVE 20% NOW!

Organic Carrot Seed for SaleThere is just something so satisfying about planting those vegetable seeds and watching them grow. Just think of the satisfaction you will get from watching them sprout and mature, and the resulting gratification from harvesting those homegrown vegetables and fruits for your family’s table. And think of the money you will save and the quality family memories you will make.

One trip through the produce aisle at your local grocery store is enough to make you balk at spending the money necessary to feed your family the healthiest, freshest foods.

The solution is: Grow your own garden!

Our Organic Vegetable Seeds are 20% Off!

Certified Organic Vegetable Seeds for SaleOur organic vegetable seeds are certified organic, in writing. You can trust that they have not been genetically or chemically altered in any way. We have hundreds of assorted vegetable varieties to choose from, at some of the most reasonable prices you’ll find anywhere…

…And now, Our Organic Vegetable Seeds are On Sale!

Not sure about the benefits of Growing Organic? Read this: Growing Organic—Studies vs. Common Sense –Or: The Why and How of Organic Vegetable Seeds.

Are you a novice and want to start small? Do you need some advice? We’ve got pointers for you here: Backyard Garden Questions –and: What’s Bugging You?

Organic Tomato Seed for SaleAnd our commitment to your safety is explained here: We’ve Taken the Safe Seed Pledge.

So, now is the time! Get out a piece of paper and a pencil. Measure your garden space. Make a plan and get in touch with us if you need some help or have questions.

And Then – Order Your Seeds!

Simply Enter Discount Code FVS12 at Checkout to Get Your 20% Discount

But do it soon. This fantastic sale won’t last long:

It expires November 2, 2012.

And if you want to be fully prepared for spring planting,

order your seed starting supplies at the same time.

2013 Asparagus Varieties Available Now!

October 19th, 2012

Jersey Asparagus

Order Now for April Delivery

If you have wanted to start an asparagus garden, now is the time.

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable, coming back year after year, with some asparagus gardens growing as long as 35 years.*

Once considered a vegetable for only the very rich, you may think that claim to fame is well-deserved once you see the price of this nutrient-rich vegetable in the produce aisle. Growing your own asparagus will ensure an annual supply without your having to pay the high cost. Asparagus has only 20 calories per 3/4 cup serving and is very low in cholesterol.  It’s also a good source of vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and zinc, as well as a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamins A, C, E & K, protein, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, iron, phosphorus, potassium, copper, manganese and selenium. Wow!
Jersey Asparagus Plants for Sale
All of This and Good Flavor Too—

Our Jersey Giant Asparagusis a high yielding male hybrid maturing 7 to 10 days earlier than most other varieties, while tolerating colder climates.

Our Jersey Knight Asparagusis our most popular male hybrid variety, considered by many to have the best spear quality, while growing very well in warmer climates.

Our Jersey Supreme Asparagus is the newest male hybrid, bred for its mild, sweet flavor, medium spear size and cold weather tolerance.

You’ll note that we only carry Jersey Hybrid Asparagus. We’ve done our homework and we know that Jersey Asparagus has the highest yields of any variety and are bred specifically for high resistance to the most common asparagus diseases. Male asparagus plants also produce very few berries (seeds), therefore requiring much less thinning, which means less care on your part. All of our asparagus plants are male.

This makes growing Jersey varieties very smart

& easy on the pocket.

Quality Asparagus Knife for SaleAnd don’t forget the Asparagus Knife—the right tool for harvesting your crop or the ideal gift for that neighbor who has been so generous with his asparagus.

*Asparagus should not be harvested the first year, and only harvested lightly the second; you can start harvesting vigorously the third year. All the more reason to get started now!

**Plenty of time to prepare your bed. Click here to Learn Just About Everything About Asparagus and How to Harvest Asparagus.

Double Cold Frame Manual

October 18th, 2012

Manual for installing double cold frame

Our Palram Double Cold Frame Kit is very easy to assemble. View the manual here, double_cold_frame_manual

Single Cold Frame Manual

October 18th, 2012

Palram Single Cold Frame Kit Manual

Our Palram Single Cold Frame Kit only takes 10 minutes to assemble! View the manual here, Single_Cold_Frame_Manual

Organic Pond Healthy and Beautiful

October 10th, 2012

Organic Pond ProductsWhen it comes to landscaping our yards, one of the most common “wants” is a water feature, such as a pond, though many of us may be settling for a much less gratifying fountain, after hearing the horror stories of our friends, neighbors and relatives who have had less-than-ideal experiences with their own ponds.

A pond, in all actuality, is its own ecosystem, defined as “a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment,” regardless if it is natural or man-made. In order to have a healthy, attractive, odor-free pond in your yard, you have to understand what your personal ecosystem needs in order to thrive.

Impacted by the surrounding environment, even naturally occurring ponds gradually build up concentrations of plant nutrients. Called eutrophication, scientifically, it is a natural process by which decaying vegetation, fish waste and run-off builds up a layer of muck on the bottom of the pond. Both in nature and in your back yard, the human activity around the pond can speed up this process, resulting in more muck, and then algae blooms, excessive vegetative growth, and unhealthy or vanishing wildlife.

In the past, our knowledge of how to maintain the healthiest ponds has taken a lot of trial and error, no small amount of study, and the use of synthetic and unfriendly chemicals, such as herbicides and insecticides, in order to have a pond that does not turn into an eyesore or mosquito-infested health hazard.

Now, thanks to scientific study based on commercial wastewater processing and the  need for more eco-friendly and effective septic systems, having your own personal pond is much easier, less expensive to Organic Pond Treatment Producstmaintain, and more earth-friendly, using all natural components safe for your family, your pets, and any wildlife living on or around your pond. You can have a pond that is not only beautiful, providing that calming oasis in the midst of your sometimes chaotic life, but one that can sustain wildlife, such as turtles, frogs and fish.

Our organic pond cleaning and maintenance products are the safe, easy, affordable way to maintain a healthy pond. Starting with Organic Pond Clean•Clear•Blue™ Complete Pond Treatment, treat your pond according to the package directions. This ready-to-use formula is the all-in-one solution designed to balance your pond’s ecosystem naturally, effortlessly and affordably. Then, depending upon the rainfall, the natural flow of your pond and other environmental factors, add Organic Pond Pure BLUE™ or Organic Pond Pure BLACK™ Pond Dye as needed, the pond dye reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches the bottom of the pond, thereby reducing excessive plant growth, while the sparkling blue or reflective black water serves to beautify your pond according to your personal preferences. And finally, keep our Organic Pond PureBacteria™ Pond Muck Reducer or more concentrated Organic Pond PureBacteria+™ Pond Cleaner on hand to maintain the level of beneficial bacteria necessary to keep your pond’s ecosystem in balance.

That’s it! You simply pour the recommended amount along the shoreline of your pond, allowing the natural water movement to disperse the beneficial bacteria or dye, and wait for nature to take its course, turning your pond from

this…..                                                      to             this….                          ENJOY YOUR POND!

algae floating in a pond                Duck Swimming In Clear Blue Pond Water

Plant Covers—A Wise Investment

October 4th, 2012

Keep Frost Off Plants With Plant CoverIt’s getting to be that time of year again. The temperatures are cooling down; the cold fronts are moving in, and it’s time to get your yard ready for the winter. Most everyone will apply a good fertilizer now to help their lawn withstand the rigors of winter wind and ice. Most of us will have cleaned out the summer garden and either have a fall garden underway or will be preparing the garden spot for its rebirth in the spring. But, have you thought about the damage a severe winter could do to your shrubbery, hedges, bushes or young trees?

We are already hearing from our customers about how the spiders, ants, mice and other creepy crawly things are starting to invade their homes. These little signs can be the harbinger of an earlier-than-normal and colder-than-normal winter. Unfortunately, we can no more accurately predict the weather than can the experts, our esteemed meteorologists, Mother Nature being a fickle and ever-changing lady who can make the most knowledgeable weather person look like a fool. But, we can always hope for the best while preparing for the worst.

You have invested a lot in hedges, bushes and trees, the more permanent aspects of your landscaping, so it really doesn’t make sense to risk their injury, or even their death, by not protecting them. Any bush, shrub or tree might be extraordinarily costly to replace, especially if it has grown significantly from the time you first planted it. Replacing a prized rose bush or well-established shrub could cost much more in terms of dollars, as opposed to what you paid originally, for the much smaller version, and is virtually priceless when it comes to the time and money you have already spent…and emotionally, for many of us, losing a precious shrub or tree would be like losing a favorite part of our homes.

Fortunately, there is an economically sound and ultimately easy way to protect those living and breathing things that make your personal outdoor space so very special.

Bag to Cover PlantsWith varying levels of frost protection, most plant covers will also provide protection from other elements, such as fierce winds, heavy rain and damaging hail. One such cover is our 2-Pack-Decorative Plant Protector Bag. Measuring 40”W x 45”H, drawstrings at the top and bottom allow for a secure fit, while the decorative leaf pattern blends harmoniously with your landscape. For freezing temperatures, consider our reusable and indispensable Fleece Frost Protection Bag. Allowing light, air and moisture to reach the covered shrub or plant, it can be left in place for an extended period of time, trapping the plant’s own warmth and assuring its continued survival when the weather does not allow your more personalized attention. In fact, we have a full selection of reasonably priced and easy-to-use plant covers and blankets to choose from.

The truth is, you never know what any season will bring. We have seen our share of extreme heat, freezing rains, hurricane force winds and flooding across this great nation of ours. The climate is in a constant state of flux, an unavoidable fact of life. We may not be able to control the weather, but we can certainly control the effects of the weather. Just as you would buy flood insurance to protect your home if you live in New Orleans, or hurricane insurance if you live on the Gulf Coast, a small investment in plant covers to ensure the survival of your valuable landscaping, is, indeed, a smart investment.

We wish you a safe, warm and memory-filled fall and winter season.

The management and staff at Garden Harvest Supply

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