Growing OrganicStudies vs. Common Sense

growing organic vegetablesYou have probably heard that nutritionally, studies have determined there is little or no benefit from eating organic produce or meats vs. conventionally grown foods. That may be true, according to their studies, though we firmly believe there are organic solutions to common production problems that increase the nutritional value of organically grown produce. For example, adding calcium to the soil to reduce blossom end rot, to enhance disease resistance and to produce higher quality fruits and veggies, results in a higher calcium content in the produce itself.

It is, however, a totally different story when it comes to ingesting the synthetically produced chemicals and pesticides used in your own back yard or in the farmer's field. Granted, the federal government has regulations regarding the amount of pesticides or chemicals allowable in your food, but it takes a long, long time to determine the enduring effects of ingesting even the barest trace of chemical pesticides or growth enhancers; many of these studies will not be complete for years. And who even wants to think about feeding your family the smallest amount of pesticide?

Almost every day you hear a report about the chemicals used to manufacture the products you use in your household and feed your families. Many of them have been found to cause cancer or some other damaging disease or affliction. It is estimated that about 1/3 of all produce you buy in the grocery store has measurable levels of synthetic chemicals! Even the advertised organic produce is affected, though at a much lower level of only 7{2261234e244c7fbba74d51dca74a268749f09f18a1ee8a57e0936953fe40690d}. It has gotten so bad that you don't know what is safe anymore and you have to question everything you buy, from the bottles you use to feed your baby, to the toys your toddler may be putting in his or her mouth, to the food you feed your family every day.

Unfortunately, the other side of this coin is that you tune out what you hear because you don't know what to believe anymore. The never-ending deluge of information is just too much to deal with. You pay attention to the high-profile recalls, but the rest of the information is filtered out, being outweighed by the other priorities in your life.

For most of what you purchase, there is no easy solution. You can be aware and try to make the right decisionand hope it is the right decision.

However, for what you feed your family, there is a very easy solution: grow your own organic produce. It's true that most individuals will not be able to raise cows, pigs or chickens on their property. But just about everyone has room for a garden, be it a small container garden or a huge backyard plot where you can grow enough to feed your family, preserve some and sell a little, or a lot, at the local Farmer's Market. You will be able to ensure your family is, in fact, not eating synthetic chemicals or pesticides in even the smallest increments.

We have made it both easy and less expensive for you to grow your own safe-to-eat produce! Starting with our ready-to-plant vegetable plants or our organic vegetable seed, you can be assured of healthy, thriving plants and organic seed produced by caring, family-oriented people just like yourself. You can count on us to provide the best advice, to answer your questions and to make available the best in organic essential nutrients and non-synthetic, chemical-free growing solutions at a most affordable cost.

We wish only the best for you and your family: Our goal is to help you make it happen.

Happy Organic Gardening from all of us here at Garden Harvest Supply!

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