Strawberries Next Summer-Plant Now!

Fall Strawberry Plants Growing In The GardenHave a good crop of strawberries for next summer by planting now!

If you have in mind that you'd like to have your own strawberry patch, now is the time to plan for it, especially if you want to have fresh, red, juicy strawberries for next year.

Did you realize that if you wait until the spring to plant your strawberry plants, you will not be able to harvest until the following year? Many people make that mistake, not realizing how long it will take their strawberry plants to mature fully, and then are sorely disappointed to have to wait another whole year to harvest their berries, while still having to tend the bed, keep the weeds down and fertilize throughout a full growing season. Many people find that period of waiting and tending, with no immediate reward, unsatisfactory, resulting in their strawberry hopes and dreams being squashed, sometimes never to be reborn.

Don't let this be your story. Plant fall strawberry plants now, give them a little bit of TLC between now and winter, and watch them bloom away next spring with the promise of fresh strawberries on your plate this coming summer and more money to budget for other things, besides strawberries.

The strawberry plants you plant now will be shipped to you in pots with a healthy root system in place. With adequate water in a sunny spot, your fall strawberry plants will quickly become established and will start setting the buds for next year's strawberry fruits. If you live where you get regular snowfall, your new plants will be adequately insulated against the cold and will thrive with little additional care. In areas of the country where insulating snow cover is not ensured, simply cover your strawberry plants with a few inches of straw. This prevents them from heaving out of the soil with the winter temperature changes, this practice so ancient and effective as to be the foundation for the name strawberry. And then, come springtime, new leaves will appear, followed by those beautiful white blossoms and then by your first crop of much-anticipated strawberries! A most welcome and gratifying sight and flavor!

Now is the time to order your fall strawberry plants if you want to have a crop of fresh strawberries next year. If you aren't sure how many plants to order, read our blog post, How Many People Will a Strawberry Plant Feed? and then order your Fall Strawberry Plants and maybe some Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizer to get your strawberry plants off to the healthiest start.

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