When Should I Order My Fall Vegetable Plants?

broccoli plant growing in the gardenMy broccoli was fabulous and I want to plant broccoli and cauliflower again for the fall.  If I order vegetables now, will you ship at the appropriate time for transplants in Zone 5? Thanks, Ann-Marie

Answer: Sorry, Ann-Marie, but whatever you order now will ship now.  You need to know when your first frost/freeze date is in the fall and then count backwards however many days the particular plant needs to mature. I would also add an extra 10 days.

So if Avenger Broccoli takes 50-60 days, I would plant it 60-70 days before that first frost date.  Also add an allowance for the number of shipping days to determine the right time to order.  This would be the rule of thumb for all our fall vegetable plants.

Here is a map for fall frost dates:  http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/img/climate/freezefrost/Fall28F_hires.jpg

Hope this helps. GHS

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