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Perennial Plant Sale On Now!

Now, during our 20% Sale, is the perfect time to stock up on Perennials! Simply enter the code PS2012 at checkout for 20% OFF all our perennials and enjoy an added surprise! We will include one of our Flowering Combos at no additional cost!

double decker echinacea plantYou can buy an old favorite or try something new and look forward to having a brand new look next season when your well-established perennials make their reappearance in the spring.  Many are still in bloom right now, with plenty of opportunity for them to provide a bit of color for the rest of this seasonbut wait until next yearand the nextand the next.

So, what new plant will find a home with you? We just might have a few suggestions!

Echinacea has long been a customer favorite. Amazingly easy to grow and to care for, you may recognize it as Coneflower, its more common name. Blooming first in early spring, you will be treated to a second, more prolific bloom in the fall if you just cut the plants back after the first blooms are spent. Even after the blossoms have faded for the season, the seed heads will add interest to your late fall and early winter garden while song birds will visit for the crunchy feast they provide. And you can dry the leaves and blossoms to make antioxidant-rich tea to ward off those winter colds. One of our most interesting Echinaceas is our Double Decker. Having daisy-like petals swept gracefully down and back, the cone-like seed head that gives this perennial its nickname amazingly sprouts another blossom on top. Kind of reminds us of the hats and outfits at the Kentucky Derby or the Queen's Jubilee!

Hercules Heucher PlantSpeaking of a jubilee of color: Heuchera, pronounced HUE-ker-ah, but more commonly called Coral Bells, is a winner! Available in a variety of colors, from darkest purple to electric lime-green, this low-growing foliage plant is usually evergreen and is used most often in borders, as accents in rock-gardens or as a ground cover. Bearing delicate, airy, wave-in-the-slightest-breeze blossoms above the mounded leafy growth, most gardeners grow Coral Bells for the fantastic foliage coloration and variety of leaf-shapes and textures.  On the other hand, if you grow the Hercules Heuchera Plant, you will have the best of both worlds, being treated to an early to midsummer show of intensely scarlet blossoms waving gracefully above heavily marbled, green and cream vegetation; this showy specimen provides color, texture and personality even when not in bloom.

Autumn Joy Sedum PlantAnd finally, if you want a care-free, drought-tolerant, pest-resistant, colorful plant, look no further than the Sedum Plant. Also called Stonecrop, Sedum survives droughty conditions by storing water in its fleshy, succulent-type leaves. An ideal perennial for the xeriscaped landscape or for an area that is hard to water, once established, little additional watering is required to keep sedum growing. In fact, Sedum has very few pests paying it any attention at all, and it does not tend to be susceptible to diseases. One of our most dramatic sedums is Autumn Joy. Putting on a show throughout the entire season, its blossoms change from creamy white to shades of pink and through its orangey phase to become coppery-bronze before its blossoms fade to reveal dark mahogany seed heads, providing yet another show as the songbirds discover their existence! Bird song, all-season color and easy maintenance: what more could you possibly want?

Can't choose just one? No problem. Every single perennial is on sale!

Just make your selections, enter the code PS2012 at checkout and we'll do the rest, delivering your new garden additions right to your doorstep.

You save 20% and we'll even send you one of our Flowering Combos as a bonus!


We at Garden Harvest Supply would like to wish you a safe, happy and color-filled rest of the summer!

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