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full tray vegetable and flower specialsWe have wholesale trays of Vegetables, Herbs, Foliage and Flowers!
All on Sale! All Ready-to-Ship! Today!

We have a really nice selection of tomatoes, from our Big Beef hybrid to our Opalka Polish heirloom. The hybrids have taken years to develop and are bred for their resistance to the most common tomato ailments and for their ease in growing. The heirlooms, on the other hand, have been around for years and years, harkening back to our ancestors with the colors, textures and incredible flavors you won't find in a market tomato. Along with a broad selection of herbs and greens, we also have our Habanero hot pepper plants and a Brassica or two, which is a fancy way to say we have cabbage and broccoli. Just take your pick at 50% off! Just Click Here to see our entire section of wholesale specials.

All of our wholesale vegetables and herbs are ideal for growing and taking to your local farmer's market. What a great family project!  Eat healthier, teach a few lessons, earn some money and bring your family closer together.

And thenwe have the lovely Ipomoea plants, which most of you might know as Sweet Potato Vines. This decorative foliage plant will not produce sweet potatoes, but is one of the most commonly grown ground covers, container plants, border plants, you-name-it-plants on the market. Easy to grow, these 50-count trays at 50% off are the way to enhance your landscaping while saving big money.

And last, but definitely not least, we have flowers! Most of the wholesale trays included in this sale will be 50% off and include Lantanas, Begonia, Impatiens, Calibrachoa, Petchoa, Geraniums, Petunias and Verbenas, with new trays being added as we speak.

All you have to do is order them now and they'll be shipped post-haste, healthy and ready to plant, right to your doorstep! Simply Click Here to add these great deals to your cart and to earn Reward Points towards your future purchases.

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