Our Annual Sale On Annual Plants Is On!

Our annual sale on annual plants is on! From now until June 24, you can save 40% on a wide selection of annuals. Just enter discount code AS2012 when checking out in order to receive this deep discount. Let's spotlight a few of these beautiful annuals starting with Calibrachoa.

pink calibrachoa flowering plantCalibrachoa look like small petunias and produce hundreds of petite tubular blooms. Hummingbirds love these flowers that can trail or weep, and remain until the first frost hits. Plant Calibrachoa in hanging baskets, containers, or beds, keeping in mind that the more sun they get, the more they will flower. You don't need to deadhead them, just apply a good liquid fertilizer once a month. To avoid root rot, grow them in a well-drained area. But if you forget to water them once in a while, don't worry: they are tolerant of drought. Overall, they are easy to take care of and grow because they are not particularly attractive to pests and are not prone to any particular disease conditions.

Osteospermum is another sun-loving plant that attracts butterflies. Some gardeners count Osteospermum among their favorite plants, such as Brenda Emmett who writes, Their porcelain looking petals are just breathtaking; they seem to have an iridescent glow that mesmerizes you into utter awe. Osteospermum produce daisy-like flowers, and don't require deadheading, although it's a good idea. They are somewhat drought tolerant but for the first two weeks after planting, be sure to give them plenty of water.  Fertilize them each week with a targeted soil amendment such as Espoma Flower-Tone. For detailed information about how to grow Osteospermum, consult this brochure from North Carolina State University.

coral geranium flowering plantGeraniums are one of the mainstays of the home garden and are enormously popular as potted plants. Often they will also be seen in containers, hanging baskets, and window boxes. Yet they need not be protected from the elements: recent cultivars such as the Wilhelm Langguth have petals that are tougher than they look and are capable of withstanding wind and rain.  Plant geraniums in a bright spot (the sunnier the better) in soil that drains well, and apply a liquid fertilizer at least once per month. For detailed, information about growing geraniums, consult this brochure from Iowa State Extension.

Ipomoea plants grow vigorously and produce decorative foliage that can provide lovely ground cover or be used to beautify window boxes, hanging baskets, and containers. The cultivar known as Blackie is especially popular due to its enchantingly dark foliage that looks great to offset vivid-color in flowers. The Tricolor is another cultivar that has become a tried-and-true fixture in many gardens and containers.

One final tip: if you're dealing with difficult soil or climate conditions, check out this free booklet from the University of Minnesota Extension: The Best Plants for 30 Tough Sites.

neptune's harvest fish and seaweed fertilizerThat's all the gardening info for now, but in closing we'd like to mention that not only are all our annuals on sale but our best liquid fertilizer, Neptune's Harvest, is currently on sale for 40% off, as well! This is a great opportunity to stock up on the fertilizer that is responsible for many of those prize-winning giant pumpkins and squash, and which is likely to also work wonders in your own garden. Packed with vitamins and minerals from the sea, Neptune's Harvest is arguably the finest general-use fertilizer on the market at this time. We don't usually put it on sale, so take advantage of this offer before it expires on June 24.

Place your order today to take advantage of these great savings, and remember to use the discount code AS2012 when you're checking out.

Happy gardening from all of us at Garden Harvest Supply!

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