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Carrot Plants In Storage

A carrot a day…is a healthy habit. Carrots are crunchy, satisfying, and packed with nutrientsrich in vitamins A, C, and K, and high in dietary fiber and potassium. If you grow carrots and want to enjoy your “fresh” fall harvest right through the winter, this article will appeal to you. The Garden Harvest Supply Facebook page, has turned out to provide a wealth of helpful information, as well as being a forum where we can touch bases with our customers on a more personal level and even learn something new. For example, we heard from Sue, who talked about clamping her harvested carrots, which, of course, heightened our curiosity and led to Sue providing us and other Facebook fans with her tips on growing carrots, which she is obviously very good at.

Here is what Sue told us and taught us: We sowed the carrot seed really thinly in a mix of compost and sand in a slightly raised bed. To avoid the dreaded carrot fly we keep the tops of the carrots plants covered at all times to avoid too much damage… in doing this many more of the carrots were fly free when pulled. We lifted them and spread them onto trays to dry for a few hours before clamping them down.

When Sue mentioned covering them, we immediately thought of our Haxnicks Easy Tunnel Row Coversand how easy that would make the process for large carrot plots. For smaller gardens we have our Harvest Guard Row Cover that can easily be cut to size.

When we questioned Sue on what clamping down meant, she answered, Layered and bedded in sand preserves Carrots for many months keeping the lovely flavour of freshly dug Carrots! She also added, upon further questioning, We clamp by using sharp sand (dried out) and put in a layer of sand followed by a layer of carrots until the box is full. Thanks Sue for the great pic!

Another of our Facebook fans had a question for Sue, Sue did you build your own root cellar? Wondered if you had any tidbits…I want to build one with our next house…

And Sue was kind enough to answer, We made a deep box 30″ long 14″ deep 12″ wide, we then put in a layer of sand and carrots alternately, we have done this for several years now and it works really well the Carrots stay firm and sweet, we have kept them this way until the following spring . It can be done with Swede , parsnips etc 🙂

This led us to ask the question Where do you store the box after it is layered, to which she replied, We keep it in our Garage through the winter where it is cold but frost free.

Happy Gardening!

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    […] Harvest carrots when you can see color on the root top, usually around 60 to 80 days after planting. Pull them from the ground by using a garden fork to loosen the soil, if necessary. Cut the leaves off as soon as you remove carrots from the ground, to stop their growth. Store carrots in plastic bags to retain their moisture, and refrigerate up to one week. Or, you can store carrot roots in a cold place, 32 to 40 degrees, buried in sawdust or damp sand over the winter, this is called clamping. […]

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