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Announcing Our Wholesale Program and New Varieties of Veggies for 2012!

wholesale vegetable plants for saleBuy More and Pay Less Through Our Wholesale Program

In this newsletter we're excited to announce our new wholesale program that will benefit growers needing lots of plants, as well as those who would like to get together with neighbors or a growing co-op to place an order together. Here's how it works: you special order plants in quantities of 100; we do the initial planting, germination and thinning, and send you the seedlings in the Spring, just at the right time for planting in your zone. The minimum order is 100 plants of any single variety.

What you getbesides lots of plantsare huge savings. For instance, let's say you ordered 100 Packman Broccoli plants through the wholesale program. What you'd pay is a total of $20.58 as compared to $2.80 per plant if you ordered them individually. That means you get 100 hundred plants for what you would ordinarily pay for 7 plants! Plus, shipping comes out to be about the same: in both cases it runs about $15. The same super-low prices are in effect for dozens of our other vegetable plants when you buy them wholesale including Black From Tula Heirloom Tomato PlantsSweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomato Plants, Blue Curled Scotch Kale Plants, and Bell Boy Sweet Pepper Plants.

You're probably asking yourself, How can they afford to do this? The answer is that it's simply cheaper for us to grow plants in large quantities, and we then pass the savings on to you. Yet every single plant is guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy. So take advantage of our wholesale programit might be just the excuse you need to meet other growers in your community and help each other out.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce from Homegrown Tabasco Peppers

Do you like hot sauce? Think how much fun it would be to make your own! For the first time ever, we're offering tabasco hot pepper plants, the same medium-hot peppers that tabasco hot pepper plants for salethe McIlhenny Company uses to make its famous Tabasco Sauce®. Though your sauce won't taste exactly like theirsunless you age it according to these directionsit will have its own appeal, including a freshness you won't find on any supermarket shelf.

Our tabasco hot pepper plants and these recipes are all you will need to start making your own hot sauce come harvest time. (If you preorder now, we'll ship the plants automatically in the spring.) Because tabasco peppers are milder than habaneros, they can also be used to decrease the heat in recipes with habaneros, such as this highly rated vegetarian chili. By the same token, they can increase the heat in recipes that call for jalapeños, such as this very popular Avocado Mango Salsa recipe.

Another fun project we encourage you to try is making hot pepper jelly. If you substitute tabasco peppers for haberneros in this recipe, you'll end up with a medium-hot jelly with the distinctive taste that led Mr. McIlhenny to choose this variety of hot pepper over all others when formulating his famous hot sauce.

Other Exciting Veggie Plants

Our bestselling veggie plant is the Little Fingers Carrot, a Nantes-type gourmet baby carrot. It's sweet, crisp, and easy to grow, making it ideal for child gardeners as well as child snackers. Of course, these 4-inch fingers are a nutritious treat for anyone. We ship them in boxes of 4.

Every year we sell out of our Caspian Pink Heirloom Tomato Plants. And it's no wonder: in a recent survey of more than 10,000 home gardeners and tomato farmers, Caspian Pink was among the ten most popular heirloom varieties, along with the Brandywine Pink. Like most heirlooms, these varieties are prized for their flavor. In her book, 100 Heirloom Varieties for the American Garden, Carol Male offers perhaps the best description of the sublime taste of the Brandywine Pink: winey, robust, mouth-watering, sweet, tart, and complex. If you're interested in either of these tomato plants, we recommend that you preorder now because it's likely we'll run out of both of them.

grow your own goji berry plants for saleLastly we'd like to mention the Goji Berry Plant. Many health-conscious people are consuming goji berries, often in the form of expensive supplements. Unlike many health fads, however, goji berries have a long history of use in Chinese medicine. Though not as famous as ginseng or ginkgo, they're a whole lot easier to grow and harvest, and are very tasty, too. You might want to give them a try. We've even found an excellent cookbook, Goji and Wolfberry, Superfood Cook Book for Health, Flavor and Fun by Dr. Donald R. Daugs, with 93 recipes from breakfast to dessert, and even a section on appetizers and how to grow Goji Berries.

Until next time, happy gardening from all of us at Garden Harvest Supply!

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