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30% Off of Every Perennial in Stock!

Digitalis Perennial FlowerIf you’ve put off the purchase of your perennial plants for one reason or another, your delay, unintended or otherwise, has paid off big!

From now until July 5th you can buy any perennial that we have in stock for 30% off! That is ANY perennial!

You can choose from flowering beauties, such as Alcea, Kniphofia or Papaver (Poppy) plants, one of which will meet your requirements when it comes to shade or sun, moist or dry, or even a particular color or height that you would like to have.

You can also browse our foliage perennials like Athyrium, Brunnera or Heucherella plants, which will also produce flowers, but whose flowers pale in comparison to the striking multi-colored or variegated leaves.

Or select a perennial that has both beautiful blossoms and unique foliage such as one of the delicious varieties of Ajuga, Lamium, or Polemonium.

Perennials are the basis for your landscaping, along with your trees, shrubs and lawn. They come back year after year after year, getting better each year, with minimal care. They may require dividing or thinning every few years or so, in order to refresh their good looks, kind of like a facial for your flowers, but otherwise the normal requirements for essential nutrients, sun and water will suffice.

You will want to choose your perennials with placement in mind and with an eye to symmetry and color combinations. If there is a place that you know you would like to plant perennials, check that area a number of times throughout the day so that you know how much sun it receives. Also be aware of what type of soil it is; is it loamy, moist, sandy, dry, well-drained? And if you have fallen in love with a certain variety and it meets all of the requirements, say, except for moisture, then consider installing an inexpensive soaker hose on a timer in order to easily satisfy those requirements. You will save water and time, but still be able to have that one perennial that you just can’t live without!

Our perennials, just as all of our plants are, are presented with the best photos available and with detailed descriptions so that you can make informed choices on what would be best planted where. And, if after reading the descriptions, you still have questions, you can ask our Master Gardener, Karen. She has almost all of the answers, and if, by chance, you ask one that she does not feel comfortable answering; she will do the research to give you the best and most complete answer possible.

In addition to offering 30% OFF ALL OF OUR PERENIIALS right now, we are also extending our 50% OFF ANNUAL ANNUAL SALE. This dual sale will enable you to not only plan your flower beds for the future, but to continue that colorful display long after many perennials may have stopped blooming; right up to the first winter frost in many cases.

Experiment with color and texture. Plant the taller plants towards the back Amethyst In Snow Centaurea perennial plantand the shorter plants near the front and consider planting a trailing groundcover in an area that is hard to mow or maintain, such as the Centaurea plant that will spread 18 to 30-inches, or Creepng Phlox that blooms in the spring and is partial-shade tolerant. With careful consideration, you can make your landscape a most welcome retreat from the computer, the television and the telephone, while also making it easy to care for.

In our busy lives, we all need a place we can retreat to, but also require inviting spaces that don’t take a lot of work. Unfortunately, especially during these challenging economic times, we all have to consider our budget. Balancing emotional or aesthetic needs with monetary restrictions has become a way of life.

We have given you the tools to do just that by offering all of our Perennial Plants at 30% off, from now until July 5th. In addition, we have extended our Annual Annual Plant Sale so as to provide you with a more total decorating package, at a more affordable cost.

Happy Outdoor Decorating Everyone!!!

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