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Decorate with Garden Plaques

Whether you have a vegetable garden or flower gardens, or no gardens at all, a garden plaque can say the one thing that is closest to your heart or be a reminder and tribute to someone you care for.

Garden PlaqueProudly made in the U.S.A., our garden plaques are cast from concrete, not resin, therefore having the true look, feel and weight of real stone. Colored throughout, not just on the surface, they are designed to last a lifetime while decorating your favorite outdoor spaces. Each garden plaque or stone has a meaningful quotation or comment on life and is artfully decorated, designed to contribute to the beauty of your outside world. Our selection features a wide range of colors, everything from natural to charcoal gray, terra cotta, sand, white granite and even more vibrant colors. All of our garden plaques come complete with a stand, while our garden stones are meant to be displayed like a stepping stone. It is up to you if you choose to use the provided stand or not.

There are many reasons that you may want to express your feelings through a garden plaque or garden stone. One of the most common is in memorial to a loved one that has passed, leaving you feeling somewhat adrift and lonely. Many gardeners choose to plant a bush, shrub or perennial plant in honor of this special someone and many will add a fountain, wind chimes or gazing ball and stand to further memorialize them; a garden plaque will serve to let all who enter your yard know that your heart was touched by this person and that he or she will never be forgotten. It can be like a healing salve to know that you have remembered someone so cherished, even in this simple way. We even have garden stones for beloved dogs and cats.

Garden plaques can also display your pride in our Armed Services. So many of our country’s young men and women are serving in dangerous places around the globe, the guardians of our freedom and that of the down-trodden in other nations. Many of you are probably related to or are friends with a soldier. We have Honor Garden Plaques with each of the armed service logos for the US Army, US Air Force, US Navy and US Marine Corp. as well as for the National Guard.

US Armed Forces

And if your loved one serves here in the U.S. as a public servant in the form of a Police Officer, in the Fire Department or as an EMT Paramedic, they too are deserving of recognition and their community’s pride. Garden plaques of this kind will always bring a warm smile and a bit of hope to the heart of someone who may be feeling down, and will definitely boost the morale of those people who serve both their country and their community so selflessly.

Garden PlaquesProclaim your faith, honor a friend or make a loving statement through the permanent and reverent display of a garden plaque or garden stone. It is amazing that such a simple artifact can bring such peace of mind or joy to those who display it, to those who see it and to those who give it as a gift!

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    I would like to purchase a national guard stepping stone.

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