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Our Annual Annual Plant 50% Off Sale

annual plantsNow is the time to take advantage of the fantastic prices that we are offering on every single annual plant in our greenhouses. Summer is starting to heat up and many of your perennials may be fading soon, which is what God created annual plants forto supplement the blossoms of their perennial cousinsadding color to a landscape that has become mostly green.

Many gardeners plan their annual beds in advance, knowing exactly what they will plant where, but annual plants offer a great opportunity to change things up year to year. Just as you decorate your indoor space, your outdoor space can also be a reflection of your personality, your moods and what makes you happy. Searching for and trying new annual plants offers not only a change of pace, but gives you the chance to really shine, to take a risk, to try something new and different that may very well become your new favorite, but will certainly have your friends, family and neighbors sitting up and taking notice.

We also suggest planting containers and just setting them in amongst your perennials, grouping them in naked corners or hanging them from your pergola, the eaves of your house, or even from tree branches throughout your yard. Planters also enable you to move things around, just like you do your furniture and since annuals are only here for the current season, you can try something new in the same planter next year! How cool is that?

Our three top sellers are the Calibrachoa, Fuchsia and Ipomoea plants:

  • Calibrachoa look similar to petunias, but have smaller blossoms that literally overflow their containers! We have a collection of Calibrachoa plants from four different award-winning producers: Candy Shop, Million Bells, MiniFamous and Noa. These beauties are completely self-cleaning, which means you don't have to deadhead. They will produce blossoms over and over again!
  • Fuchsia plants are an exotic beauty, also called Lady's Eardrops. Its blossoms hang gracefully, and will gently move with the slightest breeze. Available in a variety of colors, from deep jewel-tones to feminine pastels, even the blossoms can appear quite different from plant to plant. The tropical scent is nothing short of heavenly!
  • Ipomoea plants are better known as Sweet Potato Vines, though they will not produce one single sweet potato. In varieties that include black and bronze colors, the leaves are also not the same from plant to plant, some being spade-shaped, while others are lobed and veined in contrasting colors. Ipomoea is most often used in combo plantings with blooming plants or are used as an annual groundcover.

But don't stop there! We have a huge selection of ANNUALS available and every single one of them is 50% offbut only for a limited time!

The sale starts Friday, June 10th and ends Friday, June 17th.

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