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Choosing a Quality Garden Hoe

garden hoeWe know that when you buy a garden hoe, you have a choice. We just think that your choice should be an educated one, with you having all of the facts in front of youbefore making a choice on which garden hoe to purchase.

We carry Rogue hoes because we consider them the absolute best on the market, for a reasonable price and because they are made by a family-owned company, right in the heart of the good old U.S.A, in the Ozarks, in Missouri.

In researching this article, I looked at those hoes available at Wal-Mart, Lowe's and Home Depot, the three most common places for people to shop for garden hoes. I saw all kinds of hoes, in all different colors, and in many different shapes and priced from a cheap $3.98 to a whopping $153.00!

The one for $153.00 claimed to be non-sparking but did not tell you what it is made of. It also claimed to be non-magnetic, hmmmm, maybe made of aluminum then? Corrosion resistant and Beryllium-free. I think that aluminum probably fits the bill for the corrosion resistance, but Beryllium is a naturally occurring element that has been used for years as a hardening agent in metal alloys. If the metal here is aluminum and is not a Beryllium-aluminum alloy, its strength should be called into question. It also claims to be made in the U.S., but when you scroll down to the Specifications part, right under the shipping weight, which is specified in pounds, it says Assembled in Country of Origin: USA and/or Imported, and on the next line it says, Origin of Components: USA and/or Imported. Would you trust that this item is made in the U.S.A. by American workers? Or do you just buy it because it must be a magic hoe since it costs so much and the fact that it costs so much must mean it really IS made in the U.S.?

So, after looking at all of the other garden hoes, I decided to point out the features that are not present on any given hoe, all at one time but that are all standard features of every Rogue garden hoe; in fact, all garden tools made by Rogue Hoe are superior in their handcrafted craftsmanship, are loaded with well-thought out features that make gardening and work-sense and are 100% made in the U.S.A.

First and foremost is that every single hoe blade is made with recycled agricultural disc blades. These are the blades that are used in commercial farming operations and are made of high quality tempered steel. They are strong and made to hold an edge, and the fact that these are re-purposed to make Rogue garden hoes is impressive. Every hoe blade is sharpened on three sides, not just one. You can flip each hoe to either side to reach into smaller spaces with the same cutting ability as the full-sized front blade. All grinding, welding and sharpening is done completely by hand.

The handles are all made of Northern White Ash, which is 2% harder and 26% more stable than Northern Red Oak. It also has exceptional shock resistance and remains smooth under friction, which means you won't be getting splinters in the palms of your hands. Then, the hoe blade is attached with both a pressure fit and epoxy bond, with the handle being firmly inserted inside a steel sleeve. Rogue hoes have been handed down through generations, having never had the blade become separated from the handle. You also have your choice in most models, of both a 54 and 60 handle, which means short and tall people alike, can more comfortably use this hoe without choking way up on the handle or unnecessary stooping, thereby losing much of the leverage that is built into this garden hoe.

And, take a look at the swan neck. This is a signature of the Rogue hoe. A wide, swan-shaped neck, as opposed to a thin tube-like form of attachment not only lends additional strength, but increases the leverage, making the Rogue garden hoe more effective, with less exerted energy. Hoeing can be a tough job! Rogue hoes, by design, make it much easier.

So now the decision is yours. We invite you to shop and compare! We are confident that you will find that Rogue garden hoes are an exceptional value with a life-expectancy that will not only surpass your own, but that of your grandchildren and great-grandchildren too. And it costs no-where near $153.00!!!! Not even close. In fact, Rogue Hoes are less expensive than about half of the hoes I saw advertised on those other sites, but with many more features that make them what we consider to be the best garden hoe on the market!

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