Easy-Peasy Tomato Plants

Transplanting a tomato plant into a container

Tomato plants are among the easiest and most common vegetable plants you can grow. The many varieties of tomato plants can make it hard to choose, but most gardeners have their favorites and then usually add one or two new varieties, just to try them out. Our tomato plants produce fruits in all shapes, sizes and colors, so add interest and new flavors for your summertime palate. You just cannot have too many tomatoes (wellalmost). Friends and neighbors will gladly accept your excess, or you can preserve them in the form of sauces and salsas or chopped and frozen to add fantastic fresh flavor to wintertime dishes.

Tomato plants stand up remarkably well to being transplanted and are adaptable to both container and in-ground applications, provided there are at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. If you are a novice gardener, you may want to watch this video for some valuable tips on transplanting and feeding your tomato plants in order to give them a healthy start. Then, in an amazingly short amount of time, you'll be enjoying fresh-picked fruit from your own tomato plants!

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