Soaking Seed with Neptune’s Harvest

Hi, I was wondering how long to soak seeds in Neptune’s Harvest fish/seaweed emulsion? Thanks.

Answer: How long to soak will depend on what type of seed.  Some seeds have a tougher outer shell and are definitely aided by soaking. Beet, corn and pea seeds are notorious for this. Smaller seeds like carrots or spinach can benefit from soaking, with expedited germination.

The length of time can be as few as 2 hours for smaller, softer seeds, or up to 12 hours for harder seeds. Never soak over 24 hours or until they begin to sprout. Smaller seeds will be tougher to plant after soaking. One method might be to soak them in a small squeeze bottle and to spread the seeds with the squeeze bottle.

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    george B
    April 27, 2011 at 12:55 am

    I soaked my all type squash and cucumbers in the fish emoltion solution but I also added 1/4 teaspoon of micle grow form my 1 qurt jar plus added a little empsom salt it worked fatastic I soaked them for 24 hours and then put them on dry paper towel for a few moment then dampened paper towel wit regular water and put in zip lock bag and put on top of computor screen for mild heat fantastic they all sprouter in 24 hours and less I let them grow like that for 30 more hours and they all sprouted grew to 1/8 to 3/4 inch and then planted them all in my pots with tweezers very carefully they are doig fantastic wow and double wow I got a 10 day to 14 day head start very easily now Ill have time to let them mature properly in garden for good winter storae Quality which they need longer growing season to get a good 4 to 6 month storage on thats why I started them early and spead up the process!!!

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