Time to Plan What to Plant

Just as winter is blanketing most of the U.S. under freezing temperatures and lots of white stuff, it's time to start planning your spring plantings. Garden Harvest Supply sells live annual plants for gardens and landscape beds, and the popular varieties sell out quickly. All annual plants are now available for purchase and will ship according to the spring shipping schedule found on the site.

Consider the advantages to buying your annual plants now:  First, you're assured of getting the plants you want, before they're sold out. Second, you can take time to plan the most personal and beautiful outdoor spaces while you've got lots of indoor time. And third, winter will seem a lot more tolerable when you know you have fresh live plants coming within only a few months, and they'll already be ordered and lined up for shipment to you.

There are several advantages to annuals (they only live for one season in most zones) over perennials (they come back each year). Annual flowers are generally more profuse bloomers, and the blooms can last from frost to frost, from early spring through late fall. The colors and bloom varieties of annual flowers is beyond imagination. And there is a variety for every growing condition, soil, water, and available sunlight.

Annuals can be planted in the ground or in containers, and there are countless varieties that are popular for both purposes. Flowering annuals can brighten up even the dreariest areas of your landscape, and can make the most modest home look like a showplace, with only a minimum of planning and care.

For mixed plantings in container gardens, consider tall plants in the center, like Dracaena Spikes and then all around, plant either monochrome or assorted colors of flowers. Consider mixing sizes of blooms, too, like alternating brilliant Petunias, including the Double Wave trailing varieties, with tiny white or pastel bacopa. For even more drama, at the outside edge of the planter, suspend Dichondra vines that will drape down the sides in beautiful cascades.

You can choose to keep your plantings all green and foliage only, or all flowers, too. But most savvy annuals fans like to combine the two for the most showy walkways, landscape beds and containers.

If you like your foliage to have some wow factor, consider some bright fuscia- or neon lime-hued Alternathera. No flower color necessary with these striking beauties.

For a huge tropical plant, Colocasia, or Elephant Ear, has leaves that will grow as big as, you guessed it, an actual elephant ear. It's a plant that will grow surprisingly huge in a container or in the ground, and the modest bulb can be dug up and overwintered in a garage or root cellar above 40 degrees to bloom again each warm season.

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