Blooming Hibiscus for Container Planting

Growing hibiscus plants in containersHibiscus plants produce exotic flowers that are unequaled for their striking beauty. They are great for container growing, and we’ll give you lots of tips for success with your plant, no matter where you live.

Since hibiscus has been hybridized, there are now several growth habits to choose from, as well as varied leaf types, and colors and bloom sizes of flowers. Choosing the type of hibiscus to grow should start with selecting the space where you intend to keep the plant. It requires a minimum of six hours a day of full sunlight.

After you've chosen the hibiscus plant, select a container that will be approximately as deep as it is wide.  Hibiscus prefer to be slightly root-bound, and they'll send small feeder roots out horizontally to fill whatever space they're allotted, as well as sending down the main support root vertically. This is a plant that requires proper drainage and some coarse sand mixed in the soil will allow the aeration the roots need. A container that doesn't breathe too much, like cement or glazed ceramic, is preferred, since hibiscus are relatively heavy water consumers, and wood or terra cotta won't hold in the necessary moisture, especially in dry or very hot climates. Otherwise, a standard potting mix and fertilizer regimen should be used.

Bloom color is the main selection criteria for most hibiscus lovers. Blooms can be single, double, flat or frilly, and the range of colors is pretty much endless!

Provide ample water and sunshine to get the best looking and healthiest container-grown hibiscus. A well-maintained plant should live and provide abundant blooms for many years.

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