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Season Starters Are Season Extenders, Too!

season starterAll gardeners know that water is the essential ingredient to a successful crop, but water can also be a used as a tool to extend the growing season by as much as 4 months!

Season Starter Plant Protectors are designed to shelter plants against damage from extreme temperatures, allowing some garden plants to go into the ground as many as 6 weeks before the last frost and likewise, to stay in the ground long after the first frosts of fall. Season Starter Plant Protectors are designed like the original Wall O Water but include updated features that make them the ultimate chill repellent.

The Season Starter works miraculously well, considering it doesn't require much effort or maintenance.  The concept integrates natural laws of physics, and operates like a solar panel for plants.  The lightweight plastic protector is similar to an inflatable pool float, with a row of hollow tubes.  In this case, the Season Starter's tubes are filled with water.  The empty Season Starter is stood up around the plant with the tubes aligned vertically with their openings on top.  It creates a physical protector around the plant but is transparent, so it allows sunlight in.

Once in place, the tubes are filled with water, so the protector is weighted down and stays put.  The water serves to conserve energy from the heat of the day, then releases it as nighttime temperatures drop.  As the water gets colder, it actually releases heat to the core of the protector, and thus to the plant.

If the water freezes because temps drop below 32 degrees, your plants will still be kept well above freezing, because the water in the tubes turns to ice and then releases even more calories and heat to the center.  The sun's heat is stored and released like magic, not only keeping the plant warm, but keeping the ground around the plant's roots from freezing.  Frost can't even settle on the plant's leaves, meaning the plant can withstand unseasonal or seasonal dropping daytime and evening temps.

When the fall approaches, you can put Season Starters around any plants that still have produce in the works.  Harvest your late-season vegetables much later than you have ever imagined by buying an extra month or more of growing time.  Season Starters are very affordable, and are available in 3-packs.  They're lightweight, collapsible, and store flat to take up no space in your garage or shed between seasons.  They're durable and should last through several garden cycles.

A fall harvest must end at some point, but why not extend your growing season as long as possible, when it's as easy as using Season Starters and your garden hose?

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  1. michele wilhite says:

    does anyone make these odd ball shaped? like for rows-covering lettuce-spinach ect.? i would be very interested in buying some. thanks

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