A Worry-Free Vacation

vacationI was actually pretty hesitant about trying Vacation for plants. I mean, how many times do you buy something and it just doesn't work as advertised? And when it comes to your houseplants or your lawn and landscapingthat's quite a risk to take! But this year I took my summer vacation with my best friends, my neighbors, which meant none of us had someone we could depend upon to watch after our plants and lawns.

When I bought mine, I decided to buy one for everyone else and just hope for the best. I've always been happy with GHS products, so I took a leap of faith, and just thought positively, convincing myself and my friends that we could take a care-free vacation and not worry about our plants or lawns. I'll tell you, that was quite a leap!

In fact, we worried more than we wanted to. While traipsing through the World's Biggest Yard Sale in August, we kept a constant watch on the weather back home by way of my laptop computer. I bookmarked the Weather Channel page and checked my Yahoo weather report every chance I got. Dismally, we watched the temperatures rise and the humidity decrease. We just knew that we would return home to scorched lawns and withered bushes. We weren't as concerned about all of our houseplants, except that each of us had one favorite that we fretted over, but the thought of returning home to our houses surrounded by the same shade of ‘blah brown' became a bigger and bigger worry. We managed to still enjoy ourselves during the day while filling our trunk and a small trailer with goodies we had found, but when we sat down to lunch or dinner, the talk inevitably turned to our yards. Finally, two days before we returned home, we had a little rain. Yay! Rain! You would have thought we were farmers depending upon the rain for our livelihood! It was kind of funny, but that was one of the most positive moments on our whole tripuntil we thought, ‘This is probably too little, too late'.

Our dread became almost unbearable as we pulled back into town and then drove toward our neighborhood. What a surprise was waiting for us! Not only were the lawns perfectly green and every shrub perky and in perfect health, but because we had not had much rain while we were gone, the lawn didn't even need mowing. We had been gone for almost two weeks and we were amazed! Not only that, but our telephones were buzzing as we were all so thrilled that our houseplants had survived our absence as well.

Vacation really worked! You see, it says that it puts your lawn or plants in a state of dormancy. It gradually wears off over a two-week period, unless you get rain, in which case it dissipates and the normal growth cycle takes over. So, if we had gotten more rain, our lawns would have survived also, but we would have had to mow as soon as we got home. Because we didn't get rain, the growth cycle stopped, kind of like it does in the winter time! Wow! Now we could sort through our treasures and get our laundry caught up and just relax for a week before we had to worry about lawn work. Truly amazing!

We have already decided to do the same trip next yearwithout the unnecessary worry. Thanks to Vacation! Tim G.

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