How to Care for Euphorbia Plants

Tiny TimLooking for info on how to manage and care for the Tasmanian Tiger Spurge. We discovered them last year and love them but want to know how to winterize, cut back, and prepare for the next growing season.  Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.  We have several in our perennial beds, so now would be the time to contact us.  We just cut some of them back, as they were looking a little not-too-Tasmanian, if you know what I mean.  Help would be appreciated. Thanks, Dave

Answer: This is a great plant. In general most of the Euphorbia Plants are pretty carefree, not needing any special treatment. Tasmanian Tiger was discovered in Tasmania and brought to the States in 1998. This Euphorbia is a Zone 6-9 plant that will prefer a hot and dry site and will tolerate a more sandy soil. It is deer resistant and can spread, creating a striking ground cover. It only needs to be cut back by about a third to prevent seeding out and it really prefers to not be transplanted. Take caution when cut, as it emits a milky sap that can be an irritant to some people. It’s a great plant when paired with other perennials, like salvias or dark-leaved Heucheras, which better tolerate sun.

Hope that helps you enjoy them even more. Karen

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